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**** all you ignorant likley mexican illegal allien piece of shits go back to Mexico and be slaves as you should be who the **** gave your fans anyright to trash the cavs afer we just ass raped you guys in a trade? Jamario Moon for a top 10 pick?LLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

you guys are the worst franchse in any sport to ever be put on the face of the earth, you have never won anything, gone anywere in the playoffs and have always since the beginingof time been the laughing stock of th NBA

the Cavs are bad this year sure but we still beat your shitty ass team whats that say about he clippers? you guys constantley get your ass beat by the cavs, LA is a worse city then Cleveland to live it by far no city come close

but hey when your a clippers fan and have nothing to root for except your team losing to the Cavs every single time you play them and be in contention for the #1 pick i could seee why the Clips fans make LA such a shity city

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haha cleveland must be such a horrible place i would probably act like this to if i lived there

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hahahaha Noah "Cleaveland sucks!" who wants to go there anyway

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