All-underrated and All-overrated, teams: your opinions

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Thought it could be fun to make a little debate about this topic. I have been thinking about making this thread for some time now, and it would be cool to see your guys' ideas and opinions.

I will start out with my All-underrated team:

PG: Jrue Holiday and Kyle Lowry

SG: Eric Gordon and Landry Fields

SF: Nicolas Batum and Wilson Chandler

PF: Kevin Love and Paul Millsap

C: Serge Ibaka and Al Horford

Honorable mentions: Arron Afflalo, Andrew Bogut, Luc Mbah a Moute, Ramon Sessions, Nick Young, LaMarcus Aldridge, Roy Hibbert, Chuck Hayes and Luol Deng.

There may be obvious players I forgot, but this is my shot at it! - I will try with the all-overrated team a bit later.

Let the debate begin! Smile

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I think Monta Ellis gets the start over EJ for most underrated team.

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Underrated Player

PG: Rajon Rondo & Kyle Lowry

SG: Monta Ellis & Manu Giniboli

SF: Wesley Matthews & Luol Deng

PF: Lemarcus Aldridge & Kevin Love

C: Nene & Marc Gasol

Overrated Players:

PG: Chris Paul & Deron Williams - (great players but imo overrated)

SG: Joe Johnson & Tyreke Evans

SF: Wilson Chandler & Carmelo Anthony

PF: Chris Bosh & Pau Gasol

C: Andrew Bynum & Dwight Howard(Oh Yea i went there)

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I'd say the entire Heat roster is overrated. sub .500 against teams with winning records.

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Too many stars and not enough telescopes.

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I would say J.J Reddick deserves to be on the underrated list. He is the perfect role player. He know his limitations and has a high basketball IQ. I don't understand how Kevin Love can be considered underrated since everyone is praising him. I would not put Love on the overrated list, but his defense is very limited.

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zach randolph

kevin martin

lamarcus aldridge


eric gordon

luis scola

al horford


carlos boozer

brook lopez

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I agree lol Brooke Lopez is massively overrated. FUNNY how the team ( Nets ) has put in 1 solid rebounder into the starting rotation, or the rotation in which large minutes are played and Lopez has only managed double digit rebounds as a CENTER I believe only twice this year. Lopez is only good for offense and shot blocking. Being 7' I'd hope he could block shots. How can a guy taht big, getting 8+ boards his 1st 2 years only manage like 5+ a game this year? I think J Kidd is outrebounding him.

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Man, IMO you should remove some names in your overrated players list...CP3, Williams, Melo, Johnson, Howard are top players in the league.

As for Pau I give him credit because it must not be easy to put big numbers playing alongside Kobe Bryant, but I agree he's a bit overrated.

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It's not about being the top players in the league but about being given more credit than they should be given. That's why those guys are on my overrated list..

I look at players as overrated based on not just skill but character as well.

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