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Is it just me or does the Clippers home page look more like the blazers page? Not the actual site but the screen that pops up right when you sign on to . Its all red grey and black. And RISE was the blazers catch phrase the last few years.... i dunno this just looks weird to me....

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Never been to the Blazers page lol

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I've been to the Blazers page but can't really recall what was on it. This post is weird to me because the other day was the first time I went to the official website in a LONG time. They've added more things and made it a bit more useful to go to. Probably because of Griffin.

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I gotta admit, the Clippers have a nice site. The team name in cursive at the top of the page is brilliant. I've always said we have one of the classiest logos in the L.

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I agree. their web and other designs are normally ten times better then the lakers... but maybe it's because the clippers need more to get people to come (watch) another example... clippers half time and/or timeout shows are WAY better then the lakers... unfortunately, it's because of the record.. the less you win the more entertainment the fans need to stay interested..

but back to the topic... the clips site rox!

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