Hypothetically, Derrik Rose or Thorton! (Moving up in Draft)

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Of course I would not want to trade Thorton. The guy has the potential to be a superstar. However, if we get lucky, we might get a high enough pick at number 1 or 2 so we would not need to. When EB comes back, we will have the best front line in the game of basketball with him along Kaman. I remember, when Olowakandi had his only good 4 months where he averaged 18 points a game along side EB, EB said having a good center helps immencly. If you look at the Spurs, they have two really great players, Tony Parker, and Duncan. The clippers lack a quick point guard that would make the machine work. Cassel is my favorite player, but he is so injury prone that you can count him out. Livinston is Damaged Goods. He might fit if we find an undersized 2 guard who has a point guard mentality. We need another quick scorer and point guard to great shots.

The reality is that if we have the opportunity to get Derrik Rose, a point guard compared to Jason Kidd/Dwane Wade, we would be crazy not to include Thorton in a trade: You have to give to get, and nobody is going to want any other player on the clipper roster two move to the 1 or 2 spot except Brand or Kaman, and they are untouchable. Imagine having a team like this:

Derrik Rose

Cuttino Mobely




This is a team that could compete right away. Rember, we need to win in 2008- and 2009. Brand is not going to wait forever. One more bad season, and he is gone. This is all hypothetical, but would you rather have a great point guard or a great scorer! Besides, Maggette has been on the team the longest, before Brand, and is the last connection to the old team of Q, Miles, Odom, Dooling,

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I hope the Clippers are lucky enough to draft him outright! Wink But yeah Rose would be exactly who we need- an attacking, athletic point guard who can also be a threat from the outside. If Maggette is gone after the season, however, then Thornton would be a hard decision for the Clippers to trade.

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or If maggette doesnt want to stay, then maybe we can do a sign and trade to move up. We might even not have to do that because as long as were in the top 5 in the draft lottery we might get 1 or 2

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