Elgin Baylor fiasco continues

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Anyone see the article on ESPN with quotes from both Baylor and DTS?

DTS said Baylor had the power and free will to create his own salary, which is one of the big things Baylor pointed out as to why he was so sore the Clippers let him go.

I wonder if Baylor is pissed because the secret agent the Lakers had infiltrate our system is gone, and they were always worried we'd eventually top them ( and getting Griffin and Gordon were on our way ) because they want to be top dog in the town.

Baylor is a friggin idiot. Grossly underpaid, YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN WE SUCKED BIG TIME! Christ I could do better drafting players and signing free agents if I were drunk, blind-folded and spun around, then told to throw a dart at a board of players names than this guy was. And ****, I'd do it for 30 grand a year.

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hahahaha so true

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