Clippers vs. Celtics at Staples tonight

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The Celtics have a similarly crappy record as the Clippers, and they are without Paul Pierce + it's at Staples. If the guys can go out and play the way they did the last two nights the Clippers should come away with a victory (a must-win one considering their predicament).

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Great game...but we got to remember that it was against the Celtics without Paul Pierce. However, I loved the energy that we saw tonight. The defense was much improved. Now it has to continue against the Kings on Friday. It will be interesting what uniforms Maggette and Artest are in that night!

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Great D- 11 blocks and 11 steals- WOW. Also 23 assists to only 10 turnovers- that ratio will get it done. Great games by Thomas and Brand with 25 apiece. Maggette w/ a nice game as well- a double-double with 1 turnover in only 23 minutes.

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Great to get the W and maybe greater to see Corey still playing for us...If he had not played I would still more worried than I am right now.We need to face a better team to realize ourselves where is our level right now

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Alright!!! At least we can still beat the East (usually). We need to beat the Kings and get out of the division cellar. Glad to see a win, and from what you guys said, good to see solid Defense!!

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