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i was so depressed but crawled outta bed to post....# 1 pick!!! ..please fire somebody to make me feel better....and no it doesn't make me feel better that if we didn't do the trade the course of history woulda changed blah blah blah...top 3 protect or no deal...i'll keep blake's best friend baron anyday...

go check out kyrie irving's youtubes....they got him pegged as the next chris paul, but i say better.....uggggghhhhh

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would u rather draft kyrie irving or have the #1-3 draft pick of the 2012 draft with players that would force kyrie to be a late lottery pick? Sry dude, im keeping the 2012 draft pick. Seems like you have some reading to do lol mainly the Coon article

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Just let it go, it's been done.

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You're forgetting one thing: It didn't have to be either or. A salary dump and downgrade at the PG spot was a choice that didn't have to be made at the deadline. The season was over at that point, and we didn't have Gordon. It was a choice that backfired. An unprotected lottery pick and the better PG for 5 million in cap saved a year?

And saying that we have the 1-3 draft pick next season considering what happened yesterday is far from the truth. I would have waited till after the lottery to see what we had and made a move to send Baron out then.

The most important thing to remember is that the move we made wasn't a dire need. it was a salary dump that could have been done in the off-season.

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