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Clipper 6th Man
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I'm just wondering if anyone besides me is getting sick over watching Allen Iverson put up double-doubles in Denver? And he's doing it with a bunch of no-bodies around him since Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith, and Marcus Camby are out! Just think what he could have been doing here in Los Angeles with Brand, Kaman, Mobley, Thomas, and Cassell. We could have had him...but no, we got Shaun "Mr. Potential" Livingston instead!

Sorry, just had to vent one last time. Ok, that's it...I'm over it and I'm letting it go now. Go Clippers!

Clipper All-Star
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I agree with you Benoit...I would have prefered a man like ray Allen or Rashard instead of Iverson but if we couldn't get one of the Seattle players I would have pushed for AI...I don't mind to trade Livi to get a proven player.Maybe the main problem right now trading livi would be our lack of PG because Cassell seems to not be recovering full of his injury

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Anytime you can trade for one of the best 5 players in the league, you got to take that seriously. Right now AI is playing like the best player in the league. And he brings unbelievable heart to the court. I have always said, that pound for pound, AI is the toughest warrior in the NBA. I call him the "little warrior." To bad. When he come to Staples, who exactly is it that we have to stop AI.......uh, I guess Shaun Livingston. Good luck with that.

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too eraly to judge now. obviously AI is one of the best players and he plays like one. But everyone is excited over thier Xbox until the Xbox 360 comes out. And AI does that w/o marcus, melo, smith EXACTLY. When they come back AI will not post duoble dobles as easily. But yes hes good, and hes not ours. PEOPLE WE GOT MORE THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT. Like our coach. (BTW) Dunleavy and Iverson? Together? Win? NO!

but like i said didnt work.

Clipper 6th Man
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Just reread you comments. AI is putting up sick numbers in Denver precisely because he's surrounded with a cast of nobodies. Wait until Melo and the rest of the starters return and then see how AI's numbers cope under Karl's system. I'm not one to Monday morning quarterback, so I'll say it right now: I think the chemistry behind AI and Melo (without having seen them play together) is doomed to fail. Simply AI is a player who can't create his own shot without the ball and looking at the Clippers roaster they don't need another player like that.

Clipper All-Star
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If we had added AI, we would be playing on a whole different level. It would be like the difference between night and day.

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