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^^^No need to check on reality. I'm living in it and that's why I don't mind to trade him. Would not send anything of value beyond Kaman for Iggy and that contract. They're getting the better end of the deal to begin with.

If we just keep Kaman and he comes off the bench, he'll get 30mins+ per game and will be in the running for 6th man of the year. We need a starting SF more than we need a quality 3rd big but the fact of the matter is Kaman is a much better player than DJ and he would be extremely useful this season.

Straight up, it's a good trade. If we give them anything else (other than Gomes) we got punked.

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Kaman was at his best when he was the 3rd and sometimes 4th option behind Brand, Cassell, and sometimes Mobley. This is what he does not understand...for some strange reason, he seems to think because he is the "vet" on this team he should be taking shots early in the shot clock, and beyond that point, he takes jumpers 80% of the time.

Kaman doesn't understand rhythm, and probably has none.

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Aminu isn't going to be anything more than an energy guy off the bench for most all NBA teams. And with the massive crop of SF's in next years draft that already surpass the skills of Aminu, its going to further cripple his chances of being a starter in this league.

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AFA is getting a bum rap. He started as a raw rookie when he should have been pulling pine splinters out of his butt. Remember it was supposed to be Gomes/Butler/AFA. He wasn't ready for the pressure and folded. He was a PF not a #3 in college. He shot lights out at the beginning before he cracked. You don't lose that kind of stroke unless you don't practice. He made a lot fewer screw ups at the end of the year and wasn't a bad defender as a rookie. He never hit shots later because he was afraid to shoot. He's gonna be good maybe next yr. He may even grow a couple of inches. Not a starter but a decent backup next yr. depending on his work ethic.

Sorry but he very well could be better than AI (in a couple of years) He's a good perimeter shooter, a good defender and a monster athlete.How long did it take a dufus lazy DJ to mature? He's a keeper. Sometimes I think I rather start him next yr over Gomes

Kaman's gone unless he can't be traded anywhere.

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I'd be cool with AFA and Kaman for Iggy. Kaman is getting old, is not worth keeping and is always injured. AFA although, is talented, he is young, raw and unproven and I'm tired of projects. And if we do become thin at the center position and at the bench, then we have the entire off season to address that. This is the best time to pull off a trade.

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