3 Way deal makes sense for all!

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Clippers Trade


Clippers Recieve


Sixers Trade


Sixers recieve


Warriors trade


Warriors recieve


Sixers seem want a perimeter scorer

Clippers love Iguodala

Warriors desperately want a real center

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Even with that though, i think we would need to add an extra part because the Warriors wanted more than just Iggy for Ellis. They might be interested in Aminu. The 3 way does look like a workable proposal though

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The wording of this was extremely confusing to me BUT....yeah it really does seem to make a lot of sense. I don't know the Warriors' financial/cap situation but it all kinda evens out in the end. I have a feeling we would have to sweeten the deal just a little but that's nothing new.

That would certainly be interesting but then in that deal I'm sure we would just see the skeptical Warrior fans instead skeptical Philly fans. No fan is theoretically going to want to trade Iggy or Ellis for Kaman.

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It's hard to get two teams to agree on a deal and 3 teams is even harder. But sometimes it works out for all parties involved. But I agree, Philly might need to get Warren, Gomes, or AFA if we decide to give him up.

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that hurt my head...

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I don't see this working for two main reasons...the warrior fans are pretty evenly split on whether they want Iggy. We would have to give up more if it were a 3 team deal because they are getting shafted in that deal.

The second thing is if they really did want to get involved why would we help them out? They are in our Division, and the only reason to do this is if you need a third team to facilitate.

Not good GMing.

Basically they would not trade Ellis for Kaman and Farouq, whereas PHI might. We would have to give up at least probably Kaman and the Minny pick to get Ellis, but that would only work if they thought Kaman could be a core player, they are not trying to move backwards in building a team.

Not good GMing.

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Horrible. That trade would never go through even in a video game.

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