We need a third scorer, not a first rate defender

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I think AI would be a benefit to the team and I'm not sure it is a bad move to give up Kaman. The only problem I have with doing this is we do not know the new rules with the collective bargaining agreement.

We need another scorer, someone who can put the ball in the hole consistently. We can guarantee that either Gordon or Blake will go down in the middle of the year, especially Gordon, and then who is going to score the ball? AI does not fill that void, and then were repeating every single season of clipper history, are main guys go down. I wish we could make a run at Ellis, but I don't think we have the chips to do that deal without giving Minnesota or Gordon up and those moves would be foolish. Then again, I might consider giving Minnesota for Ellis as long as they throw in something else good like a small forward.

Why I might not trade Kaman in this deal? Players play well in their contract years. Even Olowakandi was putting up 18 points a game towards the latter half of his contract year. Kaman has an incentive to play well, and his trade value will increase. Besides, having a warm body in the middle, as long as it's breathing and an expiring contract doesn't hurt. If Kaman doesn't work out, who cares, we free up 10 million to spend on a franchise player. We could always substitute AI with Prince, and for a lot cheaper and he may be the better player.

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Players playing for contracts tend to play selfish basketball. Remember how much of a mess it was in 03 when Kandiass was stat padding? And what makes you think Iggy can't be our 3rd scorer? he does have a career average of 15 ppg and is 26. Griffin and Gordon both are capable of 25 ppg so it's not like we need someone that scores 20 a game. And if one of our 2 G's go down, Iggy isn't a horrible choice and don't forget that Mo Williams can score as well if needed to, and even Bledsoe has shown that he can score at times. I would love to have Ellis on this team but we don't need someone to score at his caliber because we already have the 2 G's. 3 players capable of scoring 25 a game on the same team does not normally end well. I hope we don't get rid of Minny's pick unless it's for someone great because the 12 draft is gonna be heavy.

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We need a good basketball player at the small forward position. Preferably, someone who can shoot/score, rebound, defend and facilitate...

Iguodola can do all of those things well, but he's not a big time scorer or shooter. I don't think we need a big time scorer. We need a legit number 3 option, who can do the aforemtioned things. I am just afraid that the price might be too high...

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Some of you guys kill me. Take what you can. Iggy is not a bad player. Not only is he not a bad player... He's a good player. You guys are crazy not to want him. Sorry.... "Some" of you guys.

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Let's see if we can fill up the entire board with different names of the same thread.

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There are about 10 ppl on this forum who dont want iggy, accoring to the poll, and each of them seems to have his own thread about it.


Just post in one of the other threads? Your opinion is not the most important opinion in the world, your free to post ot offc, but why make yet an other thread about it?

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Yea no more threads of the same topic please. There are so many that I won't even merge them.. I'll just move new ones to the garbage bin.

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lol you are the mod.. combine them or something.. use your mod wizardry

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ClipThemOff wrote:
lol you are the mod.. combine them or something.. use your mod wizardry


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Is it modern for everyone to say a the same in different topics?

1st option - Blake (23ppg)

2nd option - EJ (23ppg)

3rd option - Mo (16ppg)

4th option - AI (15ppg)

5th option - Foye (9ppg)

We get AI, but that doesn't mean we won't get anybody else! There are solid role players in FA, who can easily score 15ppg! We do not need another 20+ scored!

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If there is a season next year........................I agree with everyone no matter what until then.

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