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Clipper D-League Pickup
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read on another forum that clippers should move to anaheim before the kings! what would you locals think of this? i know the angels play there but its not LA is it! supposing the kings do relocate there next year(hope not sacramento fand dont deserve to lose their team) would that affect our support? would the league let it happen even if it could ruin the clippers?surley 3 teams so close is 1 too many?

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No way we move there. The kings only have 1 year in Sacramento, and we have a staples center lease until 2014. So the kings will move there before we do.

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Move out of what, the 2nd or 3rd largest market in the United States to go play somewhere else?

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i made a thread about this earlier..

jamie run before the mob lynches u here :/

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Sterling will extend the Staples Center lease. That training facility would not have been built for no reason. Can you imagine the hassle if the players had to drive from Playa Vista to Anaheim on game days?

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if the clip organization really, really wants their own stadium, then they should buy the old gw forum property now so when their lease is up in 2014, they have a new place they can call their own! AND WITH NO DAMN LAKER BANNERS HANGING IN IT EITHER!!! then just remodel the forum or tear it down and start over. it can be blake's new palace to be in, just like the saying " the house that ruth[babe ruth] built", it would be the house that blake built! are you reading this mr. sterling? andy roeser, all of the fo staff?you know how to do real estate projects already, put your aquisition/contruction team on this great endeavor, ok?!? and maybe you can get next door neighbor hollywod park to join in with this enterprise? the forum property can probably be gotten for cheap right now, and with a new arena, that close by practice facility makes even more sense. besides, if aeg gets that football field [farmer's field] built, who the hell wants to go to a clipper game on the same day as an nfl game in that already clogged up traffic mess? come on dts, you can't take it with you, buy and build a new arena and then you can donate it to your charities when you pass on, ok? didn't chicago build a new arena after jordan proved his worth? just it, and they will come!

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^ the forum is so old that it would most probably have to be demolished, and rebuilt from the ground up. No way sterling pays that kind of money when he could just lease another 10 years at staples center for a fraction of the price it would take to build a new arena.

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I was just at the forum for a concert and it should definateely be torn down, I felt so unsafe walking up to my seat and was uncomfortable watching other drunk people trying to make it up those dangerous steps. Even though id love for the clips to have a place to call home I just don't think it makes sense financially.

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Why don't we give the old Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena another go? Smile

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