Anybody has shoulder problems?

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so i couple of years ago i dislocated my shoulder playing basketball. ever since then, my shoulder became weak and could easily pop off just by simply overextending it. for example: i go for a rebound and a guy pulls down my shoulder it can be dislocated. so i went to the doctor and he recommender athroscopic surgery but he says there's no guarantee that it'll work so instead of paying thousands of dollars for the surgery i opted to do the therapy. it seemed to work fine and havent had an incident for about two years until today. i dislocated it making a pass playing basketball. it didnt hurt much as before and the guy in the gym was able to pop it back in. iam fine right now and it doesnt even swell or hurt.

my question is has anybody got an arthroscopic surgery on their shoulder? how long does it take to recover. iam an active guy i like working out and playing ball. should i just start over with the therapy again.

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I heard about this problem where once you dislocate your shoulder it could pop out much easier in the future. I'm not a doctor but you probably want to avoid doing the same motion that caused the dislocation- were you trying a baseball pass or a two handed over the head pass? Maybe daily stretching and strengthening could help also. Did you ever get an MRI?

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i was tryin to do a bullet pass when it happened. i had an mri and it says it has a tear ligament. so yeah the plan for me now is to rest it for a week and then start doing the stretch and daily exercise again.

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Everyone its different that's why a doctor can't guarantee that it'll work

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