Your opinion on the ceiling of Aminu and Bledsoe

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I asked Eric Pincus about whether or not Aminu or Bledsoe would ever be all-stars. He said it is possible, but he see's them more as role players, with Bledsoe more of a combo guard coming off the bench with significant minutes. I think he doesn't believe he would be a good point guard and he might right. He did say the have the potential, but this is what he thought would happen.

I actually project Aminu to be an all-star. I know this is crazy, I thought the same for Al Thorton. The major difference is after seeing him play this year, he looked very smooth on the fast break, he could shoot, and I think he showed he has the work ethic to succeed. The knock on him was he didn't have a good shot in college, and he put the work in to get one. Physically, he has the tools, and the fact that he can rebound so well in the ACC, or whatever, shows he has good anticipation. I know he didn't get rebounds this year but he was playing away from the ball. I just have a good feeling on this player.

With Bledsoe, I see the same. I agree that he may not turn into a great point guard, but I see him as a dominant scorer if given the chance. I think the team is headed in the right direction. Plus, he can shoot. And remember, they are young, this is a the best professional league in the world and it takes a few years to get there.

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I think Bledsoe got a lot of minutes for a rookie and pretty much earned them. He had some excellent games and looks like he will be a solid player in the league. I'm not sure he'll be a full-time point guard, but I wouldn't write that off and it seems almost certain he'll have a good NBA career.

Aminu, on the other hand, seems to be a much murkier proposition... I think he was given minutes because of his draft status, not because he was earning them by helping the team. He shot the ball very poorly, except for a nice hot streak in shooting threes off the catch in December. He's a very poor ball handler, a very poor shooter off the dribble and a streaky shooter, at best, off the catch... He was not the defender he was billed as... These are not qualities that take a player very far as a SF, where you want someone who is a solid creator for himself and others. Aminu is abysmal at that.

The one thing he has going for him, is he's young... If he were as old as Thornton, I'd say his future would be about the same--marginal. Hopefully, he has the work ethic to overcome his myriad short comings...

I would say Bledsoe will be at least a C+ NBA player who has a long career. He could possibly by an all-star if he works hard enough and improves...

Aminu brings all the grades into play... He still could be a complete bust (F), or he could become an all-star (A)... Unfortunately, the former is the more likely possibility in my view... Hopefully he really developes into at least an adequate NBA role player.

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I think Bledsoe's upside is much higher than Aminu's. I disagree with the assesment of many that he is a combo guard as he has played PG his whole life. If John Wall hadnt gone to Kentucky Bledsoe would have been the starting PG and no one would be saying this combo guard stuff. I really see him going the path of Rondo but a much better shooter and scorer.

As for Aminu, maybe he could be a 15-16 PPG guy and 6-8 RPG but as for now, I dont think we will be seeing much more than that. I like what they both bring but games like against Washington show how great Bledsoe can be.

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This question would be a little easier to answer if we get 2 see the adjustments they made in the upcoming season. So if we have a season starting on time..

I believe one part of their game that should develop is:the motivation to work hard. Really hard! I say this because Blake has the "Jordon" factor.... in-terms of comparing their natural, contagious, competitive work ethic and how both of their approaches to physically and mentally preparing for each opponent and situation infects their teamates to do the same. ( I understand they play different positions ...and the championships and all, just comparing their demeanor)

The x factor in both Aminu and Bledsoe's development is BG.

Anyways, If AFA and EB come in to camp in great be nice to see if Aminu has bulked up..........and if their understanding of the game has matured. If so, should be exciting to see them play!

Ultimately though I think Aminu has a chance to be as good as or better than Lamar Odom was minus the wake and bake....and EB reminds me of a very young Vinnie "the Microwave" Johnson

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If Aminu was our starting SF and was a 15-7 guy that would be all we need!

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I wouldn't go by what Pincus or many other writers says about our players. I still remember when there was that Wall/Griffin ROY debate before last season and he picked Wall. He wasn't very high on Griffin until after he started dominating then he changed his tune. Many sports writers have this mentality that things won't work out for us because, hey, were the Clippers, things never work out for us. Thanks to Grifin and Gordon, that's starting to change as you can see by some of the articles that are coming out, but I still see some "experts" having a hard time getting over our past. Maybe Bledsoe will end up as a back up combo guard, but it's obvious he has the tools to become a good/great PG similiar to Rondo and Westbrook. Aminu on the other hand, I understand the doubt with his development in the future, he has had some moments where he looks turrrible, but he has shown some flashes. There's just no way to know with him. Only time will tell

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Exactly...just another "expert" who's probably right 50% of the good as a coin flip.

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Bledsoe's ceiling is far beyond Aminu's, despite Aminu being picked 10 picks in front of him.

Bledsoe did have more time to shine this past year, and even when he wasn't starting or getting big minutes you could tell he really wanted to play and has a lot of good years in front of him. Aminu had like a 2 week sstretch where he showed us something, but it wasn't all that great. Aminu looked lost and faded into the background as the year went on.

Aminu I think could be a good option to shoot a 3, get some dunks and potentially be a good defender in this league, but not a big minute guy. Bledsoe could easily nab 2 steals a game, hit 6-10 assists a game, grab 3-6 boards and score for us. He's very dynamic in that he can help and show brilliance on both ends of the floor. I'd imagine he'll get a bit of an increased workload if/when the season happens and will be a bit smarter with turning the ball over.

Aminu needs confidence and he needs to show up and focus primarily on what he's best at, being athletic and helping on D, and hitting 3pters. Anyone remember Gerald Wallace? He couldn't hit free throws, score very well or shoot 3pters. He was a defensive monster though blocking shots, getting steals and boards and dunking was his specialty on offense. Over the years he honed a decent jumper and spiked hit FT% up quite a bit. Wallace, like Josh Smith focused on what they did best, play good D, dunk when they could and worked on their game over the years to get to the players they are now. Smith will only get better offensively.

Aminu I'm not sure could reach that level of getting say 1-3 blocks a game and 1-3 steals a game, along with 6-9 boards and 15-20ppg but he could be a guy that can nab some steals, grab boards, play solid D and contribute in his own way on the offensive end. If he can do that, he'll easily be a big asset for this teams bench and our future in the years to come.

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I don't generally listen to the "experts" most of the time. Like them, I've lived and breathed 3 major sports my entire life, football, baseball and basketball. I even played in Baseball and Basketball leagues, so I know what its like to compete for something rather than bragging rights in a fantasy basketball league. Most of the idiots on Hoospworld, Hoopshype, CBS Sports, Yahoo, ESPN etc are retarded, ESP that Brandon Funston reject on yahoo. I bet him 5 grand I'd spank him in any fantasy football league. The way these people draft and predict things for any of the major....

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