Cuttino Mobley wants to bring medical marijuana to Maine

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For 11 NBA seasons, Cuttino Mobley(notes) served as a quality shooting guard perhaps best known for being best friends with Steve Francis(notes). He was a professional basketball player, the kind of guy who holds down a job for several different teams without looking especially good or bad.

Like many players of this ilk, Mobley retired only to enter another profession: that of the businessman. Except, unlike a player who invests in movie theaters or real estate, Mobley is involved with marijuana. No, it's not illegal. Here's the story from the Portland Press Herald in Maine:


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Saw Mobley play at the Drew League in South LA this past weekend. Cat still has a strong post up turnaround jumper and was using it almost every time he got the ball. I heard that he wants to get back into the league.

On a side note, Clipper Darrell was there chanting "MVP, MVP!" every time he got to the line. Most of the people in the gym were probably wondering what he was doing. He even chanted "MVP" for Bobby Brown in the game afterward. The man has no filter. It was awesome.. Hahaha...

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Cuttino was one of my favorite Clippers and I think it would be really cool to see back on the Clippers. The only problem is that there's not really any room for him on the team since they already have so many guards. Plus his age would be a problem too.

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Cat was one of my favorite Clippers too. Glad to see him at the Clippers games as a fan.

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Cat was ok when he played. But I believe he is too old now

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Great signing when we got him. Too bad he had a heart condition and his contract was way too tasty to keep to ourselves.

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