Is vinny worth keeping?

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Confused if this season is cancelled, and if vdn's contract is done, should the clippers give him one more year or two, or do they get another coaching staff. knowing our front office, they don't....

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Vinny coached a new and injured team last year. I dont think he did that bad a job. He will do better next season and the season after that. Just as long as we keep our core of guys

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Agree. Too early to talk about replacing VDN. Give him another year with a mostly health roster and see what he does. If there's not significant improvement, then it would make sense to start the conversation about a new coach.

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i disagree.. VDN did okay for us last season. There were only a few moments last season where i really questioned him, but just because he was a big improvement over Dun, doesn't mean he's the man best for the job. His plays out of timeouts are woeful, and the offense often looks stagnant for long stretches of time. I didn't hate the hire last season because it seemed like there weren't a lot of great candidates. Thibs was obviously the best available coach, but no way was he going to choose us over Chicago. Now, however, Rick....

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chemistry needs consistent faces.

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If VDNs contract expires after this season I would at least give him another year. He might not be the best head coach available for this team but his coaching staff is probably the best the Clippers can hope for. VDN seems to surround himself with solid assistants which i think shows some of his leadership ability. I do think keeping VDN, Griffin and Gordon together and letting them all develop together is a good idea.

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It's not as if there's a revolving door on coaches. Chicago had Vinny for 2 years, dumped him for Thibs.. Their chemistry didn't seem to fall apart.

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Vinny is an average coach at best... I think he proved last year that he wasn't a great coach. Given all that the team went through, he did an okay job and that's about what we can expect from him...

The question is, who are the great coaches; those obviously superior to Vinnie... Guys like Adelman, Doc Rivers, Thibideau and only a few others, most of whom are employed... Can we get one of those guys? Is DTS willing to make that happen? If the answer is yes to both questions (personally I think the answer is "no" to both questions) then it would make sense to let Vinnie walk...

I just don't think that's in the cards, however.

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VDN has my vote for coach for next season. The team and the whole front office is more upbeat, more aggressive, and more confident the team is on the right track. Chemistry is an intangible you can't really measure. Even though we had a losing season, there is excitement surrounding the team. IMHO VDN made strides as a coach, and will be even better in the coming seasons.

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