On a lighter note,,Blake and Kia

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Of course I am not computer savy so if there is a link I can't find it (youtube??) but I am talking about Blake's new Kia commercial. The one where is is pulled behing the Kia and catapults into the sky for his slam dunk. For me,,the funniest commercial on TV. First saw it last night during the football game.

Someone,,LINK IT,,for those that have not seen it !

Never mind,,,,,,found it.

http://www.youtube.com/user/KiaMotorsAm ... ezGNnmlwdU

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That's pretty funny but it reminds so much of :

I used to love watching his skits as a kid.

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I disn't find it that funny... Saw it during the Cal vs Stanford "Rival Game" and got happy to see mah boy BG back on the screen... doing his thing... kind of.

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