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Clipper D-League Pickup
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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself. Longtime clipper fan since the late 1980's growing up in Da O.C. (as a kid Kenny the snake and Loy Vaught were my fave's) Just wanted to join in on the action because I don't think I've ever had so much excitement/hope for a season as I do now. Anyway, I was thinking about all the Cp3 rumors and how I'm slightly turned off by the risk of obtaining while losing a lot of assets just to have him leave later. What do you guys think of a deal where we don't risk as much but we end up with a prize like steph curry. For example:

Nola gets:




klay thompson

Gsw gets:


We get:

Steph Curry

That way we still keep our prized assets( gordon, 2012 pick, DJ) and Nola gets to rebuild with young core.

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I would probably do that.

Another thing I thought was maybe we could get Nash for 2 young assets (either young players or picks). He's not worth much these days, but would give us two or three great years with BG!

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Curry isn't a point. We'd be full of shooting guards and no PG. No thanks.

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Bad trade for the Hornets.

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No thank you! I'd rather keep the team we have now.

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Curry can score but no thanks.

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Yea I agree with the above. Curry is not much of an upgrade over Mo.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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True Curry is not a pure PG but i think his court vision and passing are kind of underrated. Plus you can never have enough outside shooting to surround Blake. That being said he might not be a significant upgrade to how the team is currently constructed.

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He's more of a true PG than Mo Williams, that's for sure.

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I wouldn't do that, I'd rather have CP3 than Curry

Clipper D-League Pickup
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I think we would all prefer CP3 over Curry. I was just trying to think of a way to improve the team without giving up as many assets. Something like:

PG Curry

SG Gordon

SF Butler

PF Blake


While still keeping minny pick.

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I think we Are fine with are team

We need a sf an if we sign caron

We get what we need then wait til

Trade deadline and make trade

If needed

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I actually like it. But why would Nola do that when we're getting curry, gsw's getting cp3, and Nola gets scraps?

Curry would thrive in our offense. With 2 solids bigs, a sg that can slash and spread the floor, Dude would break 3 point records.

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Your haiku is a little off.

PS Just kidding

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