Trevor Ariza ...... in a clips UNIFORM?

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If someone already posted this im sorry...

Might have a good shot....... rs-options-in-regard-to-chris-paul

Your thoughts

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Yes to Ariza if that's what it takes to broker this deal, likely have to exchange Mo for him. A big HELL NO to Okafor, that is an enormously overpaid contract only dwarfed by the likes of the Arenas in this league. We can solve our frontcourt depth issues w/o Kaman much cheaper than Okafor.

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Shouldn't this have been posted in the thread about the Paul trade, since its related?

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i wish, without gordon, this deal was done or dead. but i would prefer done because instead of being a playoff contender w/o paul, with him, WE ARE A WESTERN FINALS CONTENDER, NO DOUBT!

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I would love Ariza off the bench

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i like trevor. long as EJ not in the trade.

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Agreed, I believe I said this on a different thread as well. Fact is I don't know why we didn't offer or try to get anyone else from there team in the first place. One would think if they asked for Eric Gordon, Bledsoe AND the Minnesota pick we wouldn't ask for Ariza and maybe another pick coming to us back whether it was first or second round.

I'm also not sure how the Amnesty thing works out but seeing as how Bledsoe is injured, and if they could amnesty Mo at year's end or this year, he could start at the 1 for them and Jarret Jack can play the 1 or 2 himself, as well as Bledsoe they'd have decent depth at the guard positions.

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I do not think EJ was mentioned in a trade for ariza, was he? I do not think (hope) Gordon will be involved in anymore trade rumors.

If we do add ariza do we keep butler and put ariza off the bench?

Butler as a small PF back up to Blake?

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at this open mo bledsoe aminu and minny pick for cp and ariza....

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cant afford that we would be over the cap

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^ We're already at the cap after we extended DJ, Paul+Ariza is actually a bit cheaper than what we're paying Mo+Kaman+AFA+Bledsoe right now by just under $2M. The real difference is that we have to carry that into next season, since Kaman is expiring.

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That sucks that Ariza wasn't involved, but at least the team shipped off all of those salaries. There's no way that they're done. There's 4 PG's and another combo guard on the team, and there's only 1 decent center.........and only a rookie backup PF. Some more moves need to be made or else this team will be the 2010 Knicks after the Melo trade.

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