When is Jack gonna start showing up?

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We all know that Billy Crystal is the star Clipper fan, but Jack Nicholson also has surprisingly showed up at a bunch of Clippers games. Him and Norm Nixon were apparently good friends, and when Nixon became a Clipper Jack actually bought season tickets for the Clippers. He also appeared at at least one of the Clippers playoff games against the Suns, and had to tell the person interviewing him that he was still a die-hard Laker fan.

So, aside from Lakers matches, do you expect Jack will unexpectedly show up at any Clippers games this season?

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i hope not. banwagon fan is a ban wagon fan no matter how famous

Clipper D-League Pickup
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He better not show up!

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I hope Jessica Alba goes to more games. I have a great view of her from my seats.

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You know 2 others that leaped off the bandwagon were Penny Marshall and that Malcom in the Middle guy. Watch them jump back on. Billy rarely showed up 2 years ago but he did still have those seats.

Just say no to Jack.

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Jack should go back to NY/NJ and support the basketball teams there since he loves the Yankees so much. He is a Yankees/Laker fan.

Luckiest sports "fan" ever.

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where frankie muniz & penny marshall? jack can stay a faker fan. Smile

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We got Bill Simmons it's all good.

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did you see on espn. Bill Simmons rated the top 5 LA players? lol

his list:






he was thinking about switching bynum and putting billups but he wasnt sure.

ahaha i just laughed when the other analyst gave him crap for putting kobe at 3rd.

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lakers can keep jack

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I agree in principal that Jack Nicholson (JN) should stick with the Lakers, but to paraphrase the saying, any PR is good PR. In that vein, I welcome JN to the Clippers games as his presence will only raise the team's profile and provide positive advertising.

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Jack Nicholson watched the Clippers in Phoenix in the 2006 playoffs, FYI.

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