Chris Paul classic performance against Lakers game 4

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Here's what we have to look forward to. This is from last year in the playoffs. Imagine how Paul is going to do with our WAY more talented roster? OMG I get chills. Broussard is predicting Clippers to win the west! Despite his colleagues bagging on him for it.

He actually knows our team very well and always has. Stupid Bucher who doesn't know crap said "They have no bench".... he immediately responded by saying we had Mo Williams, Foye, Gomes etc which is more than a lot of benches have.

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When he's on the'll know who the leader is. Man o man.. still got to pinch myself to realize he's actually a Clipper. What a historical trade.

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One thing I take away from this video. CP3 will improve team defense. He led the league in steals and he demands his teammates to play D!

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I love that assist to Jarrett Jack at the top of the key with 9.3 sec in the 4th quarter. Hopefully CP3 will remain healthy and able to throw assists like that throughout the season. I am worried. though, that CP3's bum knee will continue to deteriorate and hobble him, and that games like this one will be in the minority for CP3.


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That pass still gives me chills.

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No to spoil the fun but lets not get ahead of ourselves. I dont want to push to win the WEST yet. Dont get me wrong, I just dont see it yet.... Stats mean nothing if they can't play well together. (Ex:Heat The super team - NO CHAMPIONSHIP) I do feel our players are better TEAMMATES but I am not holding my breathe yet.

2012-2013 oh yeaha baby WEST CHAMPS for sure maybe NBA CHAMPS.

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