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did you guys see the LA times today and the 5 year and 50mm extention the clips offered CK? I'm guessing with his agent as Polinka he will reject it, but I think its a good step. I like how the team had Dunleavy give the pitch as CK obviously trusts him and I had never hear about CK's relationship with the assistant coach. hopefully thos two things will keep him in LA?

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10 Mil a year is nothing to sneeze at. Notice that he didn't take the deal. I wonder how long that offer has been out there. I know some centers in that league that havn't accomplished much have been given some pretty good money. Look what Dallas did giving Dampier 8.5 Mil. We will see if Kaman is a team guy or if he will go for the Max he can get, making it harder for the Clips to extend Livingston next season and keep the core together. 10 Mil makes him the second highest paid Clipper. Mobley 7.7 Mil, Maggette 7 Mil, Cassell 6.8 Mil. Only Brand gets more at 14Mil.

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i agree, 10mm is a ton, but remeber his agent is polinka who already screwed the clip once with kobe. i think kaman is a good guy, but money talks. I was intersted to read about his relationship with the Hughes. some refer to him as "his son". that can only help. also i think kaman respect dunleavy for what he has doen for his career. question is can those things outweigh the 12 mm per he will get on the open market

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That is huge money- maybe 8 mil would be more like it. I'm very surprised- I like Kaman but that's a bit too much $. From a business standpoint he has to take that- it's $50 mil guaranteed.

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I think that kaman will take it, he seems to like it here with the clips and he has a great relationship with the coaches. He seems like a down to earth kind of guy. The only thing i am worried about is his agent convincing him to go out on the open market looking for more money.

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Come on Chris! $10 million is too much to turn down! Be loyal to the team that drafted and developed you! Don't listen to your agent if he's wanting you to "test the market"!

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How can the Clippers afford to resign EB and CM when their contract expires in a few years if they plan on spending so much money on Kaman and then Livingston? Maybe the answer is Cassell when/if he retires or is not resigned. But you gotta hand it to Donald Sterling........ amazingly he's opening his wallet big time for the last few years now.

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