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The NBA is exploring an expansion initiative in Europe that includes a new five-team European division in the league, reported Wednesday.

The current plan would involve creating five full-fledged NBA franchises in Europe over the next decade, a source told the website. The teams would play a full 82-game schedule and compete for the NBA championship.

Commissioner David Stern is expected to discuss the initiative at a news conference Saturday in New Orleans. The timing coincides with the annual meeting of international basketball officials and the NBA, which is held during the All-Star weekend.

The idea of expansion abroad first was floated by Stern in 2003. Since then, the league has focused on building international partnerships, including NBA China.

... Miguel would be so happy!

I like the idea and should happen.

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I dont see how a 5-team league could coincide inside the NBA playoffs (i mean how would they decide seeding in a fair way)...but I like the idea of creating a league in Europe. There needs to be more than 5 teams if they're gonna mix it with the NBA...If they had more teams, they could make it like MLB where the NL and AL dont play eachother much, and when they do, its in a block of time.

Expanding internationally is an excellent idea...I just hope it's done intelligently.

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How would the other teams play them? Would they fly all the way to Europe?!

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