NBA Power Rankings – Week Zero

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Hey all,

Happy Holiday!

Here are my first rankings for the new season:

NBA Power Rankings �" Week Zero

Mavs get #1 by virtue of the title but can they hold it?

Clippers ahead of Lakers? With Kobe’s wrist injury? For now . . .



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Clippers are really too high. I know this is one of the best teams we've had, but we are in no shape or form better than the Celtics, Spurs, Lakers, Hawks, and Magic. Our defense is what's going to kill us this season.

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ESPN has the Clippers at #5 I believe as well. Seems fitting. How are we not better than the Hawks who just lost Jamal Crawford, are starting Jeff Teague at PG ( who BTW has little experience there in the NBA and is basically a rookie ), Kirk Hinrich is injured, and Marvin Williams is like way overweight and out of shape?

The Hawks are running on Horford and Josh Smith, that's not much offense at all. Joe Johnson is on the big decline and who knows if his knees will make it the entire 66 game season in 125 days.

Were here and this is our spot to lose. Orlando, Atlanta to me, as well as Boston don't seem like any real threats this year, the East will be decided by either Miami or Chicago. The West is Oklahoma City's to lose, Dallas and Memphis will be major players in the West with us, the Lakers, Spurs all trying to make a difference.

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I don't pay attention to rankings. NBA is not college football.

I care about win-loss record.


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Win-loss record directly effects power rankings. They do this in every major sport. But I agree to a point, but I only care about wins. I don't care if Randy Foye wins the MVP award or if Blake Griffin loses a leg in a shark attack, I want a championship but I'll settle for a good playoff run first. Players come and go but the team will always be here and that's who I root for first and foremost. Players come second.

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I am really liking our team and I have very very unrealistic hopes for them. Like perfect season type of hopes. Lol.

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I have Dallas dropping and the Clippers on the RISE.

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