Is too much acknowlegement a bad thing?

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Would you rather see yourself as a top dog a team to beat or the underdog stigma? As a Clippers fan, we're so used to be the underdog and never more, but now with this hype and acknowledge from what used to be Clippers haters, this could be a bad thing. With so much hype, there's goes agorance and I'm afraid Clippers will underperform their performance and not goes as far as everyone expected. You think Clippers will live it up to its standard and do you think all this attention can actually be a bad thing?

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No more underdog stigma. Players have to think their team is better than everybody else mindset. No more we think we can win but have to win like what CP3 said. With all these media hype and expectation, they will live up to it. They have more confident because they see that Sterling and Oshley are doing everything in their power to improve the roster so the team could go deep in the playoff. We might not win Champion this year but I could see this team in the WCF. Thunders vs Clippers!!!

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A large part of my attraction to the Clippers was their underdog status, but to now see this team with such high expectations is welcomed, and not unexpected. We live in the age of the internet, where everyone loves to hype everything up to the nth degree.

The good thing is that this Clippers team isn't getting ahead of themselves. They don't care about the hype, and just really want to win. We have possibly the best floor general in the league, and a young and hungry superstar.

Let the acknowledgment come, the Clippers will do the work.

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Liquors lost to Bulls by one point.

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acknowledgement is bad if the players involved let it get to their head. if the clippers behave like the New York Jets, then that would be bad. but since we dont have a big mouth like rex ryan leading our team and our players seem to be working hard everyday then this acknowledgement will not be bad for the clippers.

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