Statistical Proof Clippers Fan are The Most Loyal In The NBA

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Wallstreet Journal Article: ... 99794.html

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^ Yeah, I read this a while ago. I have a feeling we're about to be diluted with bandwagonners, though.

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haha true but so what as long as we know we arn't bandwagon

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I'll see If I can ge the bangwagoners to buy one of my autographed hats from the greatest Clipper ever,,Elton Band. I also have an AL Thorton and a Baron Davis I could sell to them. I am keeping my Eric Gordon.

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I Hate those people that are fans cuse of paul.Hope we have a Losing streak of 5 so we could see who are real fans and who is not clippers darryl and ralph lawyler are both long time fans for sure happy for them Yellow_Flash_Colorz_PDT_19

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Indeed i don't like that, where i live nobody talked about the clippers, nobody of my friends was even thinking about being a clipper fan. They couldn't believe that i was a clipper fan. I even went to see some games in staples of my favourite team but they said that i was crazy spending my money for tickets and travelling for that team. I had a great time there and I'm planning to come back and see some games next year and feel that clipper fever again. Now everybody that i know and likes basketball is talking about the clippers, they are happy for me but now they are also fans, if they want to be i said they can buy my Brand jersey if they like the team so much. I've still have an Odom jersey except i cut the stitches lose of his name and throw his name away, now it's only a jersey with no name on it. Man i was furious when he left us . My Gordon jersey i will keep forever. Made a clutch shot last night for the Hornets, great for him.


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i've been a fan since 1999. became a bigger fan when we got EB42 (that jerk). i love this team ill be loyal forever. im a Taurus (also CP3 is a taurus). if you know anything on signs. taurus is the most loyal & honest zodiac sign. LUV MY CLIPS!

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I have go to watch the Clip, I MEAN !!!! Lakers lose to the Jazz and thanks Lakers for losing some games to fill my missing loss column. Four in a row, ho ho!

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