The Clips' bench is beyond overrated.

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Foye needs to go. I don't know about Mo. He's the only consistent shooter.

And what's taking so long to sign a backup center. Is Theo Ratliff still available? Sign anyone. Brian Cook at the 5 is not where it's at.

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foye hits the first two then miss like 5 straight. while cook couldnt hit. we need them to hit shots at the right time. we need them to be consistent especially against these top teams.

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It's a shame that there isn't anyone that comes off the bench that does any work offensively down on the block. What's the point of having a bunch of shooters if you don't have a threat down low that can kick out to 'em?

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It's not the best bench because it's not balanced, that's for sure. Everybody is pretty much a perimeter shooter. I still have confidence in Foye after seeing him do well when EJ got hurt last season. And Cook is a good shooter. But there's no interior defender or post player. Although the bench will get much better with toughness and rebounding once Evans can play.

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balance is what is needed. we cant rely on foye, gomes and cook. they are struggling, especially gomes and foye. we need a solid back up center who can score a little bit and grab rebounds. we also need a taller sg not a 6'1 pg who is playing sg.

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Well, we had three players out for this game. Billups, Evans and Bledsoe. Our bench will be much better when they are back, that's for sure. They will help our D too. Bledsoe had the potential to be a great defender and Evans will get the rebounds we need.

But don't expect every flaw to be solved overnight. The best team in the league (probably) is a very flawed team with a strangely composed roster, the Miami Heat. Our strengths can overcome our flaws if we learn to use them effectively. But we have to play a lot better D.

I wouldn't expect a ton of change in our roster. Maybe a tweak or two. We do have some options: some trade exceptions and the 2.5m exception. Mostly we just have to get some chemistry and start playing better D.

I would take our flawed roster over the Knicks flawed roster any day of the week.

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We had no bench last night - that's a fact. I think it's time to look for options at the 2 and 5. Trades must be made early enough in order to save the season, cause we'll end up fighting for 7-8 if we play like that. If Mo doesn't want to play off the bench, we can get quality rotation players for him!

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Where are the Gomes lovers we had on this forum?? hahaha This guy is GARBAGE

I'm still confident in Foye but he must be really depressed to see he's the third option at SG after Billups and Mo. Did I mention unbalanced? Add Bledsoe to the mix and it gets crazy

BTW is Diogu available? He is undersized but at least he can provide something useful from this weak bench

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I have no problem with Foye as a bench guy. He plays some 'D', hits some shots, in a pinch he can play the 1, 2, or 3. He gives the team some flexibility and insurance, but Cook is the most 1-dimensional guy in the league. He can't handle, can't defend, can't run, can't jump... he shoots 3's... and not particularly well... is there such a thing as a ½-dimensional player?

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