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Perhaps it was out of boredom, decided to post a comment that would seem straight from a Laker fan. Gain some trust and at some point during their dismal year post something that will give the die hard Laker fan base a real taste of what we have had to deal with for many, many years. Not out of vengeance mind you, but out of an attempt to breed some humility within their ranks.

Seems hyporcritical that a majority of them will say, "Aw your just a hater" cause we won..blah...blah..blah

However, now with the shoe on the other foot it seems they are willing to turn on a dime and proceed with the haters parade of the clipps. Look I dont hate the Lakers, I just dont particulary care for a majority of thier fan base and namely cant stand, Kobe, Pau & Barnes. Aside from that, they are an NBA team with aspirations much like the Clippers.

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