Best Dunker in the NBA?

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I personally think that Jason Richardson is the best dunker. Ever since seeing him in the Dunk Contest, I've been amazed by his hang time. I know he may not be the best "in game" dunker and he is getting older, but in his prime he was pretty amazing.

Who do you guys think is the best dunker?

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Elliot Willams is pretty dope. Hes got a crazy 48in vert. look out for him on the Blazers once he gets pt.

my favs in game dunkers right now are Lebron, Wade, Griffin, D Howard, and Rose in no particular order.

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Griffin by an easy margin in my opinion.

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I would have to say BG and Lebron today. In the Past Hands Down Vince Carter and MJ...

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Gerald Henderson is pretty nuts on the Bobcats.

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Judging from recent highlights it looks like Vince has found his hops again... but it's still Blake in a walk. Lots of other great dunkers, including our own DeAndre, LBJ of course, DHoward (again of course), Serge (should be surge!) Ibaka, and McGee, but no one goes with the height and power combination of Griffin. Best 6'7" or under... probably DeRozen, Henderson or DWade. Though Rose and Wall are pretty impressive too.

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I really like Wade for dunks. Anyone that isn't very tall and plows into the lane and does a high flying, fast-paced jam in someone's face deserves props. Takes a LOT of balls to be a smaller guy and try to dunk over people that weigh 50+ more pounds than you, are much more stronger and you risk getting seriously injured.

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in game

today - blake, wade, westbrook

past - carter, wilkins, pack


today -

past - jordan, richardson, webb

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Shawn Kemp was the best in game dunker IMO.

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Desmond Mason is also an amazing dunker. His dunks in the 2001 and 2003 dunk contests were pretty sick. I've been a fan of his ever since then.

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x2 I second that... MONSTER DUNKER!!

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