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DeSagana Diop is a 9-veteran who has played 7853 minutes in the NBA and has never averaged more than 3.0 points per game. His career-high in points is 10.

Manute Bol had more career-blocks then points. (btw, RIP Manute )

Emeka Okafor's real name is Chukwuemeka Ndubuisi Okafor.

The first time Yao Ming's Rockets played Yi Jianlian's Bucks', the game was viewed by more than 200 million people.

Bobby Leonard, Jack McKinney, Larry Brown and Rick Carlisle have each coached the Indiana Pacers for 328 regular season games.

Tim Duncan has a tattoo of Merlin the Magician on his back.

LeBron James writes and eats left-handed.

As a child, Shaq fell from a tree while imitating Spider-Man and fractured both of his wrists.

Jason Williams has a tattoo in Japanese characters which translates roughly as “F*ck y’all.”

Jason Williams was in the starting line-up with Randy Moss on his high school basketball and football teams.

Playing as teammates on an AAU squad, Ron Artest and Elton Brand once had a fight during the warm-ups.

Rasheed Wallace once got thrown out of the McDonald's all-american game.

Rasheed Wallace had his championship ring altered so that it would fit his middle finger.

Eddie House and Mike Bibby are brothers in law.

Richard “Rip” Hamilton inherited his nickname from his father, who used to rip his diapers as a baby.

Ray Allen once dunked the ball in his own hoop following the tip-off as a high school senior.

Dwight Howard’s family refer to him as the “Miracle Child” as his mother miscarried seven times before he was born.

Josh Howard’s legs were so severely bowed as an infant that he underwent a procedure in which they were broken and reset so that they could grow straight.

Ron Artest held the press conference to announce his declaration for the NBA draft in the Queensbridge Community Center.

Kwame Brown has a daughter named “Kwameeri”.

Chauncey Billups was commended for his heartfelt apology letter to the student body at the University of Colorado. The reason for it? He’d stolen video rental coupons from the campus bookstore.

Contrary to what is often found in official media guides, Ronald “Flip” Murray was given his nickname by a friend who claimed that he was as dark-skinned as Bernie Mac’s character in the movie Above the Rim.

Vladimir Radmanovic has twice played the part of the grandfather in the party scene of the famed ballet The Nutcracker.

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Rasheed Wallace had his championship ring altered so that it would fit his middle finger.

Thats funny

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Randy Foye has a rare medical condition called situs inversus which means his organs are arranged as the mirror image of a normal person's.

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I had no idea that Mark Jackson is the 3rd all-time leading assist leader.

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Shaq on TNT

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this is great. thanks clipperbryan!

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Here's some random facts (I'm kinda bored):

The Phoenix Suns own the fourth-best all-time winning percentage among NBA franchises (1960 wins, 1549 losses in 43+ seasons--55.9% as of today). It also makes them the winningest franchise to never win a NBA championship. The Utah Jazz are the second-winningest franchise (in terms of win-loss percentage) not to win a NBA championship either; 1634 W-1374 L in 37+ seasons, 54.5% as of today.

The franchise with the worst win-loss percentage to win at least one NBA title: Washington Wizards (1826-2247 record in 50+ seasons, 44.8% win percentage).

Also, every season from 1976-onward, each Houston Rockets head coach has finished with a .500 or better record (except for Del Harris):

Tom Nissalke, 1976-79; 124-122, .504

Del Harris, 1979-83; 141-187, .459

Bill Fitch, 1983-88; 216-194, .527

Don Chaney, 1988-92; 164-134, .550

Rudy Tomjanovich, 1992-2003; 503-397, .559

Jeff Van Gundy, 2003-07; 182-146, .555

Rick Adelman, 2007-11; 193-135, .588 (best win % in franchise history)

Just to throw in: Kevin McHale, 2011-present; 9-7, .563

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You guys might already know this, but I still think it's interesting that Deandre's full name is actually Hyland Deandre Jordan Jr.

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