would Minnesota trade Kevin Love for....

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Would Minnesota trade Kevin Love for Blake Griffin.

I have seen a lot of stupid threads on trade Ideas and I was thinking....would they trade Him for Blake.

And if so does it make them better/worse and does it make the clippers better/worse???

Just had some free time.

Thanks for your input.

My personal opinion is that it would make us slightly better. Confused But I wouldnt do it.....

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Why do people come keep coming with bad threads? I wouldnt trade BG32 for anybody plus Neil Olshey said Griffin is a LAC for life.

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Maybe you should read the thread more carefully. He's asking a simple question of whether or not having Kevin Love on the Clippers would make us better, and/or would the T'Wolves be a better team with BG? This is a legitimate question.

I love BG, but I'm gonna have to agree with the OP and say that we would be slightly better with Love. He not only puts up the points (currently averaging 25.6 PPG), but as we all know, he is a rebounding turkey! (He gobbles up the boards Wink ) Blake is obviously more athletic, but Love has the better stats. Not sure if athleticism wins games over stats...

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I don't see any reason why griffim couldn't average the same on that wolves team. Good players on bad teams usually put up some gaudy numbers

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Simply NO! BG is the face of the Clippers and Love to me is just a really good 2nd option. Like a Gasol to Kobe.

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Two outstanding young power forwards with tremendous work ethics, who are already elite players... Here's the difference... Griffin will become a better shooter as his career continues... Love will never become more athletic.

Griffin is also the better leader.

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And Griffin has the ability to bring his team and an entire arena to life with a single play. Love can't do that. That aspect of what he brings to the table shouldn't be undervalued.

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PLEASE REMOVE THIS THREAD...... reason pointless discussion.

Why speak about "would the clipps be a better team with LOVE?" that's like saying how many championships would Kobe have actually won if JORDAN was still playing. Can't compare the two because it wouldn't happen. (2 different decades).

I am really getting frustrated with these extra lame threads. I know I haven't been here that long but this is the only forum I enjoined because it was the most interesting because of the less useless threads.

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why is this here.. this belongs on in the bin.

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I'm sorry but KLove would not make us better. Yes, Love gets more boards and points. But, Love gets slightly under 3 boards more than BG playing almost 2 minutes more a game. Most importantly, Love is a volume shooter that has a FG% of 44%. For a PF, that is horrible...HORRIBLE!

BG is our leading scorer that I might add, doesn't get fed by CP3 as he should. Griffin is doing most of his work on his own. And if Love was on this team, he wouldn't be our main scorer. Love is benefiting on a very bad team that despite his production, the Wolves still suck.

For a discrepancy of 3 boards between the two, I don't think this even merits a discussion. Blake is a game changer, Love isn't.

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^^I agree with Joe. Blake is pretty much our only low post player, and Love is more of an outside shooter- I think we have enough guys who like to shoot outside. Not to mention all the intangibles Blake brings- incredible energy and hustle, toughness, highlight excitement plays- even though they only count for 2 points they can get the crowd and the team going. Selling tickets wise it's also no contest who would be better to have. Love is a good player, but he's more like a Reggie Evans who can shoot.

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Minny prob would not trade Love for Griffin. Ignore Love's rebounding numbers and pretty much every single one of his stats. I see 0 chance if he were on a halfway decent team he'd put up close to those numbers. Anyone ever watch a Minnesota game? He's literally the only guy in the paint trying to get rebounds NOBODY on that team gives a **** about anyone else.

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its close, but in the end i wouldnt do it.

while i think klove "radio amor" is the better all-around PF, he's not a back to the basket player. the way our team is currently constructed, we need a 4 that can post-up (if only vdn utilized that a bit more instead of having blake face-up).

but yeah, we've already invested too much into blake and there's no way he gets traded for ANYONE (doesnt necessarily mean he's the best player out there by any means, but like other's have said, you dont trade away the face of the franchise for a player of somewhat equal value)

that being said, i would select klove over griffin for the USA Olympic team. much better fit.

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Let's not forget that Blake is in his 2nd year, while Love's in his 4th.

Players in their 3rd year will almost always determine what their career will turn out to be. Just look at Rose, Gordon, and Love.

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Minnesota should try trading Wes Johnson, Randolph and a draft pick to friggin get a decent SG or SF out there on the floor. And they should just give Beasley amnesty he's awful

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totally. when people think minnesota, they tend to think PGs. but they've got 4 very capable SFs. beasely and wes johnson are stunting derrick williams' development and should be used as trade bait to pick up a legit SG and/or upgrade at C.

rubio's obviously legit, radio amor is as well. i think its time to let derrick williams run with the first team. a few more moves and its a sam presti looking squad with a very bright future.

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It's a shame if Williams just rides the pine and gets stuck in the log jam on that team and literally does nothing. I think hes got the potential and talent right now to be putting up bigger numbers than Kyrie Irving. Just put Love at C, or move Williams to SF. Not like Minny hasn't playing with a giant SF who was playing out of position before ( See Garnett ). I am 100% positive without a doubt Wes Johnson and maybe Beasley or Randolph could net them a solid 2 guard. Hell even if it's a veteran that's got a couple years left on his contract. The Wolves honestly need to free up room on their roster to give Rubio, Love, and Williams all playing time to grow and to take over the team. They could honestly win more right now if they made a move and win more in the future.

Plus, I don't think Minnesota seriously wants to see the draft lottery and the pick they traded to us, which we sent to New Orleans end up at #1 in a draft like this? Whoever made the trade years ago would be hunted down and fed to real Timberwolves.

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griffin affects the game more than love does, makes better plays. we've seen glimpses of him taking the game over. griffin makes his teammates better (have been saying that since 2009 vegas SL) and has more of an overall affect on the game than love does.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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I posted this question hoping to get so interesting conversation and insight. But I also got crap( Im confused) Thats why I stay out of sports bars because lets just say the conversation is always lacking in knowledge at the bar. But I did learn and have this year how much fans over value their own players. But I guess I have also in the past, every year I would think the 1, 2 or 3 first round picks would get us a winning season. It didnt happen till a veteran point guard with so much heart came on board. And this year a trade for an all world point guard hopefully does it.

In this order I am a fan...Basketball/ Clippers/NBA/ Players.....Hopefully I havent pissed off some Blake fans... But in a few years I will still be rooting for and following the clippers. Even after Blake and CP3 are gone. Its the barstools in here that confuse me............... 8)

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I would say that Kevin Love is a better basketball player right now than Blake Griffin, but Blake can improve on the fundamentals that he is lacking while Love is as good as he's going to be. Honestly, my opinion is that Love would make the Clippers better for this season and maybe next, but beyond that, Griffin would take the Clippers a lot farther. Also, from a marketing standpoint, Griffin is 10 times more exciting a player than Kevin Love, so the Clippers are a much bigger draw with him than Love right now.

The only players in the league that I would trade Griffin for are Lebron and Durant at this point. It's time for Nike to give Griffin his own line of shoes.

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Kevin Love is the better player, as well he should be, considering he's had more seasons to develop.

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this thread screams out bangwagon

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BG is the reason for all the Clippers recent success. He is the face of the Franchise. Though I think Kevin Love is a great player. He does not compare to BG. Stats dont always show the whole picture. Plus I have seen many games qhere Kevin love taps the ball 2 or 3 times b4 actually grabbing the ball. That is why his rebounding is always inflated and thats why nobody understands how he gets high rebound numbers. HFIRE VDN, FIRE VDN, FIRE VDN,

This is not just about how bad he coached today vs Utah. I am tired o af coach that needhisplayers to make them look good. Great coaches make there player better not worse. A Great coach make great decisions. CP3 when playing is making VDN look ok. But the truth is there are horrible coach's, bad coaches, Below average coaches all the way to great coach's.

Why VDN must be fired

I have been coaching for over 20 years and these are the mistakes that I see are Major.

1) No Offensive sets

2) No Player Movement on the offensive side away from the ball.

3) to many players just standing around on offense

4) The ball does not move around enough

5) Screen are not being set on the weakside

6) The rotation of the players are horrible

6) Blake Griffin is regressing

7) Blake Grifin needs more screens set for him away from the ball

9) The Clippers need to get out and run Much, Much, Much More

10) I have not seen any real full court pressure defense when there behind

11) BG Needs to learn to post up alot more

12) They got to get BG going early and help build more confidence

13) DJ need to learn how to post up like a big man

14) DJ needs to learn how to Box out for the rebounds

15) DJ need to learn how to ask for the ball

16) DJ needs to learn how to open up the court for blake

17) The offense needs more fast break options

the list goes on and on. I am tired of seeing Coaches in the NBA that are making money coaching that really don't know how to coach.

Last year if we had a good coach we should have been a .500 team or even better. Yet we had a horrible record. If Phil Jackson or Pat Riley was coaching we would automatically win a champiomship with this squad.

FIRE VDN, FIRE VDN, PLEASE FIRE VDNlayer .e is adding rebounds by tapping the ball to him self several times. I believe he is padding his Stats. So he would even be considered a Star. Look at him at the All Star Game Last Year. He was a very Plain

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