Eric Gordon rejects Hornets Extension

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Word was that EJ was looking for an extension similar to Westbrook's 5 year, $80 million dollar deal. Another reason why Olshey probably pulled the trigger to include EJ. I don't think EJ was in good position to request that kind of money, especially after they reported that he'll be out for another 3 weeks.

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As a huge gordon fan (I stalked him over the 2011 ALL-Star and received 12 different autographes from him during that weekend alone) I am very sadden by these news. Whether its him or his agent he is sounding like a "DIVA" SMH you let us all down Gordon. (but it's ok, as a fan I will still give you a Standing O when we play you in March.)

Sad day for all Gordon Fans

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come back to us EJ. Olshey are you paying attention!

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Don't understand how EJ can expect this money when he can't stay healthy. I think he is a great player, but I am not going to pay him that kind of money when he can't stay on the floor. What has he played, 2 games this year?

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Hornets announce that Eric Gordon (right knee contusion) will be out another 3-6 weeks. He's played in 2 games this season and wants out. So glad we didn't give him a max contract. We got the best of that trade for sure.

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Gordon will not be coming back here unless he takes a min salary. He'll get an offer somewhere else and the Hornets will match it and he'll be stuck. IF he honestly thinks he can "demand" a trade when he has little to no star power to do that at this point, that's just very un-classy. Here in Clipper Land we stay classy.

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Yeah, can't see EJ wanting to come back unless we pay him the money he wants, which won't happen. I really liked EJ and wish him the best. My prediction is that he'll receive an offer sheet from the Pacers, which might be lower than the extension he wanted, and the Hornets will match then. Plus, it also depends who they draft with their pick and the Minny pick too. Maybe Gordon and Kaman get traded to the Pacers for Granger and a filler. We shall see...

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There's been rumblings of a granger for gordon swap for a while. Pretty crazy that hornets fans don't want that trade to happen despite gordon only play two games. Wonder how they will feel now since he turned down the contract extension

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There seems to be a real paradox with EJ. He doesn't seem to like playing second fiddle, yet he doesn't possess the closing skills or temperament to be THE guy, that superstar who puts a team on his back and closes games.

And he always seemed to me to be an 'outsider' in respect to team chemistry. If he gets his head and heart straight he could really go places, but until he does, I think we're better off without him.

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