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This should be quite a game and challenge for the Clippers. Gilbert Arenas has been on fire- let's see how Q Ross & co. attempt to slow him down. Cutting down on turnovers will be a key for the Clippers in this game- if they keep it down to 12 or 11 or less then they should have a good chance of winning.

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Another loss.At least I think that the Wizards are one of the most difficult teams when they play at home...Gilbert is definetelly the best scorer in NBA right now.Q Ross couldn't stop because anybody can stop this guy...We must forget this game and be focused in the next...Let's see if Sam can be available soon

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We're awesome on the 2nd game of a back-2-back....and against the HAWKS. We should take this one!

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The Clippers were in control until they just got so careless w/ their post entry passes- it was mind boggling. Clippers need to make opponents pay for trying to steal those passes by recognizing the situation, fake the entry pass, and then going back door to the OTHER player near the post.

But yeah it's amazing how the Clippers are 0-10 (!!!) on the first game of back-to-backs and 8-1 (!!!) on the 2nd game. You'd think it'd be the other way around. Those records tell you that it's a mental thing- guys seem more determined and give a more focused effort on games right after a loss. The question is then why aren't they more prepared and focused every game?

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