Clippers should have drafted Chandler Parsons

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Clippers SHould have drafted Chandler Parsons

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He plays for the Houston Rockets at small forward(Even starts for them now)Decent shooter(He scored 14 matched up against Durant last night) who can rebound the ball and play good D he would have been perfect to back up Caron Butler or maybe even play shooting guard(judging by the way VDN puts players defending out of position ALL the time).Neil Olshey hasn't made to many mistakes but this was one of them

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you should change your name into messiah

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The guy was abysmal in college and used to play well only when he dominated the ball. A guy like that will never develop pass a Gomes type of player!

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My real name is Apostolos so know reason to front as a Messiah

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Well he's not dominating the ball with the Rockets(K.Martin,Luis Scola)

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^^^ I don't think you can really call it a mistake not to draft Parsons. The draft is always a bit of a crapshoot, particularly in the second round. The majority of second rounders don't ever really pan out. Whether they succeed or not really depends a lot on where they go, what system is run and what opportunities are there. Who's to say that if we drafted Parsons, he'd be doing just as well as he is in Houston? You just don't know. Thompson and Leslie were decent second round picks, so lets wait a little while to see how they progress before we conclude that Olshey made any mistakes with the 2011 draft.

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I like both Thompkins and Leslie as far as potential but having watched a lot of Gators games throught the years he could always shoot and defend and that's something we could really use right now.Also this is off topic but a player in Greece by the name of Kostas Papanikolau(plays for Olympiakos)would be PERFECT as a second round pick(I know It's a LATE second round pick)for us in the upcoming draft.Shoots the three well and a great defender(even guarded Lebron James Really well in an exhibition game a year and a half ago)most importantly he's on the national team plays in the Euro league and Has been MVP of the Under 20 European Basketball championship.

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if anything the clippers should have kept steve novak and never signed gomes

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^ thank you. lol. novak is a shooter and he would at least make his open 3's. wasnt parsons picked before thompkins?? i would have loved to have tyler honeycutt on this team, but i like both leslie and thompkins. they just need playing time, which is what chandler parsons gets in houston.

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We shoulda tanked way back in the day and drafted Michael Jordan, let's go back in time.

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You are joking, right! If we could go back and tank that previous year, we would have taken Sam Bowie for sure.

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