Call me crazy but Clipps champions this year!!!

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Clipper 6th Man
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Whos with me???....

I beleve that the clippers are like the mavs last year...


Clipper All-Star
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Did you really have to make a thread for this...

Clipper All-Star
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Your not Crazy the Clips will be the 2012 NBA CHAMPS. I Have been saying it all year... This is our Year...

Clipper All-Star
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HYUP!!! It's our year baby!!! we got this!!

Clipper All-Star
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as much as i like them to win it this year it won't happen, clips are not like the mavs last year, they don't have the same bench and games are low scoring during the playoffs and free throws are critical and with 2 50% starters and no billups, it's a long shot

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yes we will be in the finals with the heat . it will go 6 gm and we win it all !!!!!!

Clipper Starter
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We'll see after the trade deadline. what i'm sure is we will go to the magic 8, and wish to be a western conference champion.

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i like your enthusiasm guys, but if we get to the WCF this year, that itself would be big. i have some hope we can win a title, but we need to take care of business first. maybe add another piece to our team

Clipper All-Star
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Again, we don't have the experience the Mavs had. Their best players are all in their younger 30s while ours are in their early-mid 20s.

Stop thinking about the championship and focus on the season at hand first.

Clipper Rookie
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I see us making the finals, winning the Finals will be very difficult

Clipper All-Star
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As long as we don't play San Antonio or Portland I think we've got a shot at making it there. OKC will kill themselves by Westbrook destroying that team yet again. They need to move him, I'm not the only person in the world that see's Westbrook as the guy that is holding them back. NBA analysts said on TV that Westbrook could be the person that kills this teams chances at going anywhere.

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Losing Billups really hurt our chances... We need to bring in a good swingman who can shoot... Foye isn't a top level quality starter and Gomes isn't a top level backup... Anthony Morrow please.

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Just having Chauncey on the bench for us will give us a bunch of leadership also

Clipper 6th Man
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Slow down everyone. First we have to learn to win games like Sat's Spurs game in the regular season. We have done pretty good at it this year up till Sat. Then we have to get used to winning during the playoffs. And that isn't done overnight the first time you find yourself there.

We have a long ways to go yet, even though we are going in the right direction. Hopefully with a good addition to the roster and healthy roster especially Billups, we will be ready for our first championship next or the following year. In the West it will take near perfection and a little luck to get through S.A., OKC, Dallas, et all. They all have great players also, plus more experience together and in the playoffs than we do.

Now let's all go back and dream of when that glorious day comes. I just hope I am still alive when it happens.

Age: 31
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Yeah, I understand the excitement, but I'm with SissyBoyFloyd. We have to slow down, people.

Right now our biggest weakness is still defense. Perimeter D is porous and our rotations to help are slow. Also, outside of Paul's mastery, we still have problems drawing up and executing game-winning plays under pressure.

I still think it's pretty amazing that we've lived up to the hype of the preseason, and still aren't playing near our best. Right now OKC is the clear favorite, but there's always San Antonio and Dallas who play poised and execute well. Then there are dark horses like Nuggets, Grizzlies, Blazers (all when healthy.) And yes, Kobe will be there too.

I'd be happy with the 2nd round. We're expected to get out of the 1st round, which won't be easy considering how deep the West is. Imagine if we have to play a healthy Grizzlies team w/ Randolph? Yikes. Then the 2nd round could be against the championship caliber Spurs or Dallas. Then the Thunder could be waiting in the WCF. It's going to be a gauntlet for all the teams in the West. We'll need to improve a lot more before we can start thinking about the Championship.

Clipper All-Star
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People really need to cool their guns or whatever the saying is. Hold your horses. Calm the heck down. It's definitely fun to finally see our team be considered a contender. Heck, it's fun to finally see our team considered anything but a joke. But we are far from a favorite to win it all. Teams like Dallas, San Antonio, and OKC are all more experienced and, in my opinion, better than us, when it comes to playoff time, as well as those other scary teams like the Lakers, Nuggets, Blazers, and Grizzlies(playing the entire year without Z-Bo, people. Imagine how scary they are when he returns...)

Is our team good enough to beat any of these teams? Sure. Is having Chris Paul a huge plus when it comes to closing out close playoff games? You betcha. Is Chris Paul good enough to single handedly win us a game or 2 in a series and lead us to an upset? Yes. Would I bet on the Clips getting by one of those "bottom" teams and then 2 of the top 3(Dallas, San Antonio, OKC)? Well, no. I think that might be too much to ask in their first year.

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