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You were drafted by the Clippers in 2003 as the sixth overall pick and spent eight seasons with them before being traded to the Hornets. Did you think at some point you were going to play your entire career with the Clippers? Chris Kaman: I had some thoughts about that, yeah. But last year when they hired Vinny (Del Negro) as coach, they started to change the team in a different direction. They started to go uptempo and wanted to run more and push the pace. They wanted real athletic guys and that’s not really my style for the most part.....

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His heart may have been here, but his ankles weren't.

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Chris Kaman = one of the top Clipper centers of all time. Nice to see him play and play well lately, including last night in New York!

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Chris Kaman is the top Clippers C of all time. Dude made an ASG ( even if he was a replacement, 19 points and like 9 boards is pretty nice ) and did well when he was healthy. However his attitude on the court, lack of desire to play at times hurt himself and us.

How could we have handled the trade better? Stern himself ( the boss of everyone in the NBA ) pushed and pushed us to the limit to make a trade, guess what if we hadn't made a trade we'd probably be getting no calls this season and Stern would find some way to screw us. The trade was handled fine, nobody was told they weren't getting traded anywhere and Olshey pursued signing Gordon to an extension when the NBA was being ridiculous and he backed out of the deal. That's called being a smart GM, address player(s) that were subject to trade and comfort them by letting them know we still want you here, we have plans for you here on our team for years to come and we wanna work on a long-term deal.

Kaman was trade bait for the last few years to say the least, and probably would have been traded whether we got CP3 or not for something. Kaman is a good dude but please man, spare me the theatrics.

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How much heart did he put in this year. Came into camp in horrible shape he was actually fat. Love the guy but he has no heart no fight. He could have came into came this year ready to prove he is better then DJ, and he deserves more minutes.

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For some odd reason I can't rep you but I agree 100%. Kaman's starting job even when we drafted DJ was his to lose and he lost it plain and simple. DJ was drafted as a project and a potential Center of the future. Kaman playing with little heart and getting injured all the damn time killed his chances here. We dealt with Livingston for a few years before saying were done with you. Holding onto Kaman was just a nice way of paying him money while we hinder our team keeping an injury prone C on the team and wasting valuable money and roster space.

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^Agree and ^ Agree.

Chris Kaman was always one of my favorite Clippers and I hated seeing him go. I was hoping that both Chris and DJ would have remained on this team. Since there styles are so differanct.

Kaman was and is the better Center. His Heart, losing mentallity and Faking Injuries IMO and playing scared at times. Was the only reason I was not so upset when the clips traded him.

Hell I tweeted Chris right b4 these breakout games. I told him that Clipper nation loved him. But I asked him to play up to his potential and stop acting hurt. I told him he was in his last year of his contract and I explained to him that he is probably one of the best Centers in the NBA like his ALL-Star year only if he were to bring it every night and start having a tough and winning mentallity. This was right after NO re-activated him he playerd 2 games went out with a supposed sprained ankle after just coming back off the trade rest.

I was really trying to pump him up. I Kind of felt bad for him. As if I personally knew Chris.

I am sure he read my post. I think it actually motivated. Because a few days later he came back to plat for NO and is playing very well right now and is currently the best Player on the team as of Late. I think EG is bummed 2.

As surreal as it may seem, would you be open to playing for the Clippers again?

CK: If they made some different decisions with some of the people in the upper management then, yeah, maybe. But the way it is there now, no.

I wouldnt mind seeing both EG and Chris Kaman playing for the Clippers again.

That would give us our wing and Backup Center it would be perfect..

Hope we can find a way one day to bring those 2 back....

And yes the Clipper Organization should have done a better job of letting them Know.

I agree with both EG and Chris on the way the CLips handled it was wrong.

They should have told there players b4 leaking to the media.

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Gordon became my fav clipper but there's no need to have either of them back. I do agree having kaman as a back-up center would have been nice but that didn't happen so lets just move forward.

Wish Kaman the best and if he is traded/signed to miami good for him. SEE you in the finals.. hehehehe

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