Obama just talked about the Clips on Bill Simmons

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wow. Good advice too

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thanks for the thread lol

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From the BS report transcript:

"BS: I’m sure you notice that �" it seemed like many of the famous basketball players took particular interest in your campaign in 2008.

Obama: Yes. Well, you know what, I think they know that I take a great interest in them. And I think they understand what it is to compete. And I think they took some pride in the first African American President, and so �" and I can talk basketball with them.

We were down at an event in Vince Carter’s house down in Florida, and Magic was there, and Chris Paul came �" it was right before the All-Star Game, so they were all �" a lot of them were in town. And Chris had to leave early because he had some sort of Nike event that he had to go to. So I just rang him up to say thank you for coming. And we started talking a little about basketball and how great the Clippers were doing.

And I said, man, Blake Griffin is unbelievable, and you guys seem to be really clicking. I said, the only thing is you got to tell Blake to just take that 12-, 15-footer when he gets it because he’s got a good stroke, but he always looks like he’s hesitating a little bit because he wants to go inside. And if he starts getting that shot like Karl Malone, he’ll be unstoppable.

And Chris says, "Man, I just told him that." He said, "He’s going to be here in two minutes. Can you hold on?" I said, no, you can just go ahead �"

BS: He passed that along?

Obama: Just passed it along. I will point out that I think he’s been taking more outside jumpers. That's good. He’s got to work on that shot, and he’s going to be �" he could be the best power forward ever if he develops it."

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POTUS showing he's not bandwagon... he knows his ball.

Shoot that jumper, Blake... Executive order!

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anyone with working eyes could have given that advice. But, it does show how big the bandwagon is when the President is noticing the Clipps, especially since he is a big Bulls fan.

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WOW. Awesome =) SHOOT THAT JUMPER BLAKE! And I AGREE WITH OBAMA. If he develops that jumper, AND improves his FT% he'll be the best PF ever.

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Blake also needs to work heavy on his post game. I love the highflying act, but its going to take a toll on his body soon if he doesn't work some finesse into his post game

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Blake been on beast mode. just need to grow up and save that energy for the 4th.. His post and Ft and jumper will get better.. its only his 2nd year

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This is even more cool when you compare President Obama's comments on basketball to Governor Romney's recent comments on NASCAR...

Obama: "And if he (Blake) starts getting that shot like Karl Malone, he’ll be unstoppable."

Romney: "I don't really follow NASCAR as closely as some of the most ardent fans, but I have some great friends that are NASCAR team owners.”

Score, Mr. President

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