D. Sterling just spoke 2 my girl w/ me on the phone

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Fellas & ladies I kid u notI just hung on up with my gf who is manager @ Bestbuy in West Hollywood, she called me up asking me what's the Clippers owner's name? I told Donald Sterling she responds "He's in my store buying an SLR for his GF along with another chick" I thought she was BSing me since she's a Laker fan but 1 Im proud that Ive taken her to soo many games in these last 4 seasons that she remember his face(then again who could 4get) ha ha but 2 I told her "Go up to....

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lol nice.

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Cool story. But Sterling has nothing to do with trade negotiations

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^^^You don't think a teams owner has any say on who gets traded??

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He does but Im positive hes not the one out there making calls or trying to make things happen. Sterling may say "I want this guy, go get him" or have final veto on a trade but he is not at all involved in the negotiations.

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sweet... funny story thx for sharing!!

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