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THE COMMENTS BELOW WERE DONE BY SOMEONE WHO HACKED MY ACCOUNT - THIS WAS NOT JAMFAN you guys are the biggest idiots ever. plain as day run of the mill retards. randy foye hits clutch shots and you want his head. Barely notice Vinny Del Negro is the worst coach ever. wanting to sign derek fisher <---retarded move. calling out deandre jordan for not playing up to his contract even though we knew what we were getting with him. already giving up on nick young. the general consensus on this board is that more than half of you guys are full blown idiotic. dumb pointless threads about absolutely nothing relevant. CASE CLOSED THE COMMENTS ABOVE WERE DONE BY SOMEONE WHO HACKED MY ACCOUNT - THIS WAS NOT JAMFAN

never posting on this forum ever again.

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well said.

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lol ok

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Were you abused as a child....i agree with you 100% but to common all youll find in other forums such as thelakers is...we should trade bynum and walton for dwight..

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So your solution is to punish everybody because a handful of fans annoy you? You've been around since the beginning and should know better than to group everybody here considering all we have been through on CTB. Not sure if you're high, drunk or having a psychotic episode here but this is uncalled for. The only reason I don't trash this thread now is so you have time to read this post. I'm sure another mod will trash it.

I think you're a nice guy and good contributor here.. But surely you could have found a better way to make a point.

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i know u are pissed about some of the posts here, but generalizing is retarded as well. i dont fit that mold of those who u are referring to so your generalizing is a f****n insult to me. so F*** you bro. quit your whining. you seem like a smart person, so if you are going to let some dumbasses that post on here cause you to stop posting on here then thats sad. just ignore those who say dumb s*** or make them look stupid. thats what i do. sorry for being harsh, but it sucks that a good poster like yourself feels that he shouldnt post on here because some members post idiotic threads or mentally challenged comments.

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