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It seems that Vinny is falling in love with the small ball lineup.

What do you think of this lineup offensively and defensively?

Pg: Chris

Sg: Mo or Foye

Sf: Young

Pf: Butler

C: Blake

Seems like it spaces the floor nicely for Paul and Griffin, but it doesn't seem like we can get stops or rebounds for that matter.

Do you see this as the new goto lineup?

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Its effectiveness is determined by the situation. But the postseason is a different story and I highly doubt it'll be effective then.

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Yeah I think it all depends. If one of the SG/SF/PF in that lineup is struggling, you might as well put in a defensive guy instead. VDN seems to be stubborn in terms of continuity of a lineup in the latter half of the 4th quarter- when he has a chance to put in a defensive substitution to get a key stop after a timeout, he rarely does it.

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May work during the regular season against different teams, and if they pulled this off against Detroit last night I'm not surprised because Detroit has multiple combo guards, no true Center and undersized PF's and C's. Hell that entire team is a mess. Stuckey can't play PG, Brandon Knight ain't bad at PG but I can never see him dishing out more than 6 assists a night maybe, Monroe is undersized at C, Jerebko is tall but too lanky to play PF, team is just full of weird guys playing positions that they probably aren't supposed to be playing.

Point is, if we play the Lakers and try to play small ball we'll get crushed, and I'd fully expect a fan to rush to the Clipper bench and knock VDN out.

I don't think there's a single team in the playoff race right now we could play small ball with in the playoffs, clearly didn't work against the Nash and Grant Hill-less Suns.

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I like the small ball lineup in spurts, but I hate the idea of finishing the game with it. It will definitely be effective against teams especially if you can get a team to change their style of play to try to match the small ball. However, as we have seen with other teams, small ball can only take you so far into the playoffs. Playoff matches come down to defense and rebounding, small ball is the opposite.

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We've been so lethargic in the 2nd and 3rd quarters lately, that I think that lineup is the embodiment of Vinny throwing his hands in the air and saying, "F**k it. Go win us the game CP3".

You're totally right that it's been effective in getting CP3 open, but we do suffer on the boards.

I think it'll work occasionally (as it has in pulling out these last 2 games), but I'd like to see these games against teams under .500 wrapped up way earlier, so we only have to utilize it in desperate situations.

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I want to see more Eric Bledsoe play. He forces a lot of turnovers and brings a lot of effort, heart, and speed into the lineup.

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the small ball lineup is full of streaky shooters with only blake to rebound. long rebounds = fastbreak heaven for opponents.

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It paid off in the last game, but I don't see it paying off against more experienced teams and coaches. Players are gonna have to start taking some accountability and stop pointing fingers. PLAY SOME F#*KING D!!!

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it works in spurts but it wont be effective in the long run. and i agree, we need to play tougher D. rotate faster to shooters. thats why ebled has to play more. we become lethargic at times and we need someone to push the ball and the tempo. seems vdn doesnt really like bledsoe. i got news for u vdn, if anyone is to leave this i believe it will be you before bledsoe. so get your head out of your ass.

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