Clips at Oklahoma City playing the New Orleans Hornets

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Well its the 4th quarter now, and the Clips lead by 7. Cassell and Mobley having big games. Brand too. Singleton has 4 boards and 4 points Smile Livingston isnt shooting well but he has 6 assists and 4 boards.

Just goes to show you that this team is still pretty good team. We have some weaknesses with quick guards and hot shooters, but we are beating the bad teams most of the time. Keep it up Clips!!!

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Wow- welcome back Sam Cassell! Not only back from the injury but back from the 3 point shooting slump. Sam hit all the clutch shots (including 2 huge 3's) in the 4th quarter and enabled the Clippers to separate from the the Hornets in a tight game. Vintage.

Welcome back Cat Mobley also- he scored 8 straight points in the 2nd quarter to prevent the Clippers further from their 10 point deficit. EB was solid as usual with 18 and 11, and good job by Thomas too with 12 in only 17 minutes, including a pair of 3's.

It was also nice to see Singleton get some meaningful minutes- he came in the 2nd quarter and did a good job on D & had a pair of big offensive rebound put-backs. I like that lineup out there with Cassell, Livingston, Brand, Singleton, and Mobley- good mobility on defense and movement + outside shooting on offense.

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Sammy our big dawgz back man now we go take revenge gainst T'Pups on Wed. Shaun plus Sammy you get killer PG combo. Go Clips!

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Game after game Sam does the same...Be the leader!Not the best player but the leader.He returns from an injury and what?30 points...That's what we really need.A player with personality.Maybe he hasn't got Livi's skills, maybe he doesn't jump higher,he doesn't run faster, he doesn't defend as hard...but he has one quality more important than these ones: he has the biggest heart, and the biggest "eggs", you wanna say it in English.I wonder if we had played the PO without him last year...Give Sam all the credit.He has showed he deserved it.

On the other hand seems that Singleton has had a nice game...It must be difficult never know if you are going to play any minute in the game.But this guy every time he has an opportunity he responds.Freedom for Singleton!!!

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If I didn't know better I'd swear Sam has "white boyz disease". He runs slow, can't jump, doesn't have flashy moves, slow first step......but all he does is eat the other team up. The other big difference in this game is the energy Singleton brings to the floor. An energy guy like him changes the dynamic of the game and encourages others on the squad to step it up a bit. By the way I am an old "white boy" basketball player who suffers from all the maladies listed above. And I can't hit shots like Sam, never could.

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