3 teams other teams don't wanna see in Playoffs

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This was the disucssion being had between some dudes at the gym while on the treadmill today. I wasn't part of the convo, just ear hustling. I'm obviously expecting the guy who said this to say, OKC, Spurs, and the Heat. He says OKC, and the Heat, then he goes on to say the Lakers...Mind=blown. Shocked His reasoning behind this? Because they've won so many championships and have the experience. This is right after him saying that the Lakers are having a horrible year and have the worst bench in the NBA. I wanted to get in the convo and call him out, but he was a older dude, it's early in the morning, and I'm really not trying to get in a argument about sports while on the treadmill...it was a little embarassing to listen to though.

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I do not want to face Memphis, they are like the lakers with a better bench.

The two favorite match ups for us would be Houston and Dallas.

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Depends who you're asking. This is all based on current play. For Clips, it'd be Spurs at the top of that list, followed by Memphis and then probably a tie between OKC and Lakers. I think right now no West team wants to play Memphis or San Antonio in the playoffs, with OKC closely behind those 2 but some teams wouldn't mind matching up against OKC.

In the East, that'll be Chicago, Miami, and more recently Boston. Boston is playing like Memphis East right now, late season surge and great defense to win games.

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I dont care who we face. We can beat anyone, and the Spurs? Ha...I hope we play them as soon as possible

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i think we can beat the fakers. we make too many mistake against them. i don't want to see MEM or SAS. we would kill HOU. we would fight with DAL to a 7 game series to win it.

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Teams I don't want to face:

  1. Spurs

  2. Suns

  3. Dallas

Teams I want to face:

  1. Houston

  2. Memphis

  3. Oklahoma City

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It's funny, I think the lakers, on paper, are a team that no one should want to face. The playoffs aren't about depth. You can go with a solid 6-7 man rotation. They've also got the pieces for half court ball - 2 7 footers, an unguardable superstar. They'll be a tough matchup for anyone.

I want to take them out so bad.

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Teams I don't want to play:

  1. Spurs-They own us plain and simple. We need somebody else to take them out.

  2. Lakers-First of all, it's 7 straight home games for them if we don't put them away early. (If we start beating them up though, all these moron L.A. fans will turn on them in an instant and root for us)

Secondly their strengths are our weaknesses.

Dominant big men offensively. Our bigs cannot guard them.

Height on Defense neutralizes Blake.

We don't have anybody that comes close to guarding Kobe.

Meanwhile, Sessions can at least hold CP3's jock and will keep him from dominating completely. They're a bad matchup for us.

(Of course I don't want to play Miami or CHI but if we get to the NBA championship I'll take whoever we get). Just want to focus on the West.

Teams we are guaranteed to beat:

  1. Denver-They're deep and will be good if injuries subside but no superstars = CP3/Blake end up winning the series for us.

  2. Houston- Not enough firepower to beat us 4 times. Probably a 5 game series.

  3. Utah- See Houston.

  4. Phoenix - See Houston.

Good Teams I think we beat in a long series.

  1. Memphis - we match up with them as well as anyone. We win in 6 or 7 as long as we have home court.

  2. Dallas - They're like the Lakers and will have no fear. But they're not quite as good and we match up very well. We win in 6 or 7 if we have homecourt.

  3. OKC - They don't play their best against us. I'm not that impressed, Spurs much more scary. they'll prob win tonight at home against us but in a long series I think we're more likely to figure them out than vice versa.

If we end up with the 4/5 matchup against Memphis, I just hope Dallas slips into the 6 seed and plays the Lakers. That's a toss up match up and I'd love to see the Lakers get knocked out first round. If not there, I hope they play the Spurs from the 7 or 8 seed. They're somebody that can knock those guys out. Dallas winning in the first round is good for us because I think we're too athletic/fast/skilled for them to handle.

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OKC is chomping at the bit to take on the Lakers. They generally don't match up well against the younger faster teams, even with Sessions. On even playing ground I like our chances against them in a 7-game series, but we basically lose HCA and that's what bothers me.

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i believe if we see the memphis girzzles in the playoffs we will loose.. but i think if we see the lakers, we have a chance

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I think the Clippers are on most teams' "top 3 teams they don't want to face" list. When we decide to play aggressive 'D' we get out in transition, get wide-open shots and embarrassing highlight plays.

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i dont care who we face, if we play to our strengths and play aggressive D, we can beat any team. the only thing that might hinder us is the ft shooting. we need to get up to speed with that. cuz in the playoffs, BG and DJ will get fouled and sent to the line.

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Have no fear. Clippers seem to play better against good teams. I think a lot of teamed fear the clippers. Isn't the series between the clippers and Memphis 2-1 us? Please correct me if I am wrong .

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As of right now, a Clips v Memphis series would probably be the most hard fought first round series of this year's playoffs.

Ideally, I'd love the Clips to sneak into 3rd and play the less-athletic Dallas Mavs, while the Grizzlies get to claw away at the Lakers.

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yes and we are 2 & 1 against the thunder, which will be our second round opponent if we beat the grizzlies

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I don't want to see the Lakers. Yeah, if we beat them, great. It's a high risk high reward thing. But I don't think I can handle a loss to them seeing that this city is infested with Laker fans. I only want to see us against them in the playoffs when we're the heavy favorites and they are the massive underdogs.

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Lakers are the worst team to meet in the playoffs. With Kobe outside and Bynum inside add to that another skilled 7 footer and you have a match-up nightmare for any team in the league specially us .

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MY bad Everyone

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^ Not only did you post this on EVERY thread, you post it twice in the same thread when people don't respond to it. Are you kidding me?

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Well we've beaten OKC again in great fashion. Put Los Angeles Clippers near the top of that list

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^^^this, if we strive to be champs, can not fear anyone, everyone should be in fear of us

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