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Allright, so I have posted a few times and have tried to remain as neutral as humanly possible.

Its freakin hilarious, anytime I post a question/new topic that is even remotely controversial or has the potential to make a Faker fan think it gets removed instantly.

For instance, I just posted one that asked that "why when things get tough" does everyone go to the "we got 16 rings" how many U got rant?

I merely asked, why does everyone claim 16 when the first 5 were in Minnesota. Also I added, the first one in LA there were 12 yes 12 NBA teams. I went on to add a couple more factoids and bamm, post deleted.

Combing their board I have picked up a few things. First & foremost, they HATE the term Fakers so that one is for sure a keeper. Secondly, last year they all boasted how "they gonna steal Griffin" from us. This year, nothing but blasting BG on how he is mediocre, lacks any post moves, lacks outside shot, blah, blah da freakin blah

The Faker faithful have resorted to calling BG, Biff or my absolute fav Ginger spice! Get it!!!! LOL

Just so happens that most of the trash talked surfaced after the absolute postering of Gasoft. Thats a game I really wish we would have won. Kinda funny how they all called both Griffin plays offensive fouls given the fact the only reason they won against Dallas was the two no calls on Matt Barnes in OT. One when he stepped out and put back the board for two and the other for interefence when Gasoft shot the three.

Oh yeah, as just yet another example of their fan base's ignorance. You will constantly find references to "Emperor Stern" and how he stopped the CP3 to Fakers trade (obviously a conspiracy theory). This is the simple fact, Jason Smith (yep same douchebag who body checked BG to the floor) thats right Jason Smith was the REAL reason the trade did not go through. Dont believe? Look it up folks, Jason wanted a multi year deal (which he eventually got in NO) Fakers were not willing to provide a multi year deal which caused the deal to fall apart. Not Emperor Stern, grow up Faker fans and learn about your teams history, as I would feel foolish busting out arbitrary facts without knowing the real facts.

We need a win tonight, gotta go, getting ready for the game. I will be the really loud guy in Sect 103

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