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Unfortunately were not blessed with a talented coach when it comes to Schemes and Adjustments during the game, but to truly win this series it comes down to this

1. Jump Shooting team! we are a Jump shooting team. it is what it is, when in its falling for roye, mo. butler then its on! when its not ....we are a terrible team(* but we do get a lot of comeback games with that style. i think were ranked 3rd or something in that category

Adjustment? ATTACK! and attack on 5/1 ratio, blitz this Memphis D...Attack with a Blake or DJ constant follow up, cut the beejeezus out of lanes...DO NOT LET CARON CAMP OUT and "see" if it will fall today

2. Tony allen on CP3.....we all know its happening, watching memphis all year i bet they come out the gate with it.

Adjustment? BITCH BALL! never let him guard him...The clippers need to run Constant!! Pick n rolls....too the point memphis gets a headache....never allow the same person guard 1 person on a consistent basis..Fcuk around with them on Offense of side

a combination of those 2 should be the basis of the offense


1. Slow Connley down! he's the engine for that team, they seem to struggle with out him on the floor,

how? thats a tuffy! most team dont respect his shot, but do respect his ability to get into the paint, which makes him Zbo best friend < AND THERE IT IS .... id say play off him make him swing it, if he makes his shot then ADJUST but bring in the Quick recovery D squad cause the clips D would be spread out too much

2. DJ and Blake 1 on 1 D.!

they play big inside, zbo and gasol is the back bone of that team, the most important upside toward that match up for the clips is that griffJ are faster, if any fall for zbo deception style game we are in for a long series

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