Randy Foye A True Inspiration. Epic read.

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Such a classy, humble and amazing guy. I've just become an even bigger Foye fan after reading this. I truly think he's going to be the x factor for us in playoffs.

http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-sim ... ull.column

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ive also become an even bigger foye after reading this. lol great article though

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Now I feel awful to ridicule about his game all these time. I should be little more lenint next time and btw he's play really well so far. If he keep his up, I"m hoping to see him next season. Let's go Clips and great job Foye, Clipper Nation are very proud of you.

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Randy Foye, one of my favorite guys and this makes me like him even more. He grew on me (even though we sucked last year) because he contributed big time last year when Eric Gordon was out

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mad respect for randy.

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I agree with the X factor thing. When guys double Blake he is one of the shooters who will be open. So far recently he has been HOT. I hope it continues going into the playoffs. That and even though he is undersized all he needs to play is Decent D and we will be fine

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Great Read!

Remember hearing somewhere that since the all-star break, Foye has hit more 3's than anyone in the NBA.

Foye hitting his shots in the Memphis series will be big, and I doubt he'll shy away from the challenge. The man has already overcome more than most people should ever have to.

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im a big randy foye fan, hes one tough mofo if you consider what hes been through. he is indeed a vital part of our success. if he is making his shots, we are a very very dangerous team. we need him to keep the hot shooting going.

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We have great character guys, Paul, Griffin, Gomes, Foye, and Chauncey, unlike the Fakers thugs.

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Randy is a pro! He's a good player and an even better person. Hope he resigns with the Clips next year.

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I enjoyed that article- Randy is a class act and a great example of someone who's overcome adversity to achieve great success, and never forgetting to give back.

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thanks for the article, made this night even more epic for me.

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Great read! Really cool that he plans to be there for the graduation of those kids. That's a step further than just giving money. He is also lending real support.

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