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Now...The post game show with Chuck..Kenny..Shaq they brought up an interesting subject/issue...Why did blake look lost and why is Dj nothing on offense?

Then they started saying these guys are just dunkers, blake can be the greatest power forward in the game but he needs to work on at least 2 moves in the post

it got to the point that they went out on there TNT basketball court, starting showing off the moves blake should try also showed Shaqs/chuck old moves

Blakes 17 tonight was mostly forced,,typical muscle plays for him(started off horrendous)

DJ ...well he's just AIR

Question 1. how in the world do we have 2 of most athletic big men in todays game. unable to naturally progress on the offense end....

A: Marc Ivaroni aka 1 of the worst big man coaches in the nba (i wish you guys can see this guy practices with blake n dj) its literally remarkable how dumb the man is

Fans need to stop blaming DJ and Blake for the lack of Offense and start putting 1 and 1 together

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According to Vinny, he's the best of the best!

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according to DJs Game(WITCH IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING) .....he's terrible!

according to where blake game is now after 2 years its literally sad.

how sad you ask?


clippers fan need to comprehend what is really happening here....

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Blake's go-to post moves are the spin baby hook and the up and under. Last night the up and under move worked extremely well for Blake. He's got some room to improve but with his handles, those 2 moves and variants of them are almost unstoppable. So I think Blake will be fine next season.

DJ on the other hand...

We definitely could use another big man coach.

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Finally, some respect for BG on ESPN's First Take today. I mean, it took a lot of disrespect from Skip Bayless, calling Blake a soft flopper with no personality (I personally don't understand the "no personality" charge. I mean BG has a very dry sense of humor. Just because he doesn't act like a clown the way Barkley or Shaq did in their day doesn't mean he has no personality).

But Tim Legler and Stephen A. Smith agreed that they would never call Blake "soft" because flopping or not he's the one who initiates the contact most of the time and goes back for more.

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I was talking to my uncle on FB about the first take discussion. He posted a status update "Skip Bayless calls Blake Griffin a flopper and overhyped, I agree". I went on to tell him his precious Lakers has one of the worst floppers in the league in Gasol and that Skip has NEVER had anything postive to say about BG or the clippers other than Chris Paul. Bayless is so biased towards the clippers it's disgusting. But yeah, it's nice for good things finally being said about the clippers. Been waiting all season for them to get some of their much deserved recognition

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Lmao Skip's a joke, the wway he talks its like he's never seen Blake play except for the highlights

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I know. Yet he claims to have watched all those Oklahoma State games (as he's from OKC) and that Griffin was soft and had no skills then. But if he doesn't see how BG has improved since college, he truly is blind.

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cant really understand half your post but I do think Blake needs to work more on his fundamental post moves and continue to be agressive and attack the rim. As far as Dj, its on him for not improving. He has the opportunity to practice as much as he wants on any aspect of the game and all he does is try to dunk, go for ridiculous blocks and get out of position to reach for rebounds. He has been a huge disappointment and imo appears very lazy

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This subject as well as Skip Ballless are a joke, some of you people sound like the national media and highlight reel watchers. Seriously, all Blake does is dunk how the hell does he drop 30 pts 5 rebs and 7 assists and average 20/10 during the season? Yes, he's got some work to do especially a consistent mid range jumper (btw he's not terrible just average in that department) and yes he needs to improve his free throw shooting. Its not inconceivable to think both will happen, he is ONLY IN HIS SECOND YEAR!!!! As for Barkley, I have always been a fan of his, but most of his critiques seem to stem out of jealousy and ego, simply put BG's first two years #'s against ANYONE and you will find he is amoung the top 3 to ever play. Yes, Sir Charles much better than you, better than Karl Malone and Mr. CWebb you don't even belong in the conversation. I have a sneaking feeling that people who bash Griffin don't watch this guy play and aren't Clipper Fans. BG has meant more to this organization than ANYBODY, do you think CP3 would be here? NO. Do you think they would have had the same season without him? NO. Give this guy time and enjoy the damn ride, real Clipper fans understand they have something very special here, perhaps Stockton/Malone V 2.0 or better. As far as DJ, he looks lost and that the game is too fast for him, after-all there is a reason he dropped to 2nd round. I think he does try, he isn't lazy, and the expectations for him are way too high. Yes, he frustrates the heck out of all of us but keep in mind he's a developmental player from the second round. I think its reasonable to see him as a Serg Ibaka not D12, just improve your D and free throws and he'll be fine.

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