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Clipper 6th Man
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Here are some interesting quotes from Elton Brand after the Clipper-Hornet game:

"James Singleton, with his energy, was big tonight," Brand said. "Keeping balls alive, blocks shots, rebounding. When he gets minutes, he makes great use of them."

Sounds like Elton thinks the same way that we do; Singleton should play more because he does a good job when he's out there. He not only brings energy when the team needs it, but he does the little things that turn out to be big, like rebounding and playing defense. Hopefully, "Dumb-leavy" will read these wise words from Brand and play James more.

"We haven't had our team in eight or nine games,'' Brand said. "Now we have a team and we're building on our season.''

Hmmmm...so does this mean that the team has basically forgotten about Corey Maggette? Remember, he hasn't played the last couple games, yet Brand says that they have their team now that Cassell is back. Does anyone else think it's weird that Maggette was mentioned very little on the Clipper television broadcase the last two games? All they really said was that he was on the inactive list. I also thought it was funny (or sad) that Corey wasn't sitting behind the bench in those two games cheering the team on. I know when games are at home, sometimes inactive players stay in the training room and get treatment for their injuries. But you would think that if Maggette is the team guy that he says he is, he would stick with the team on the road and give them support from the bench. I don't know...maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking there may be more to this Maggette thing besides the foot injury that the Clippers are claiming. I still think that if the Kings keep playing poorly, the Maggette for Artest rumors are going to start back up again.

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Yeah, Benoit...I thought the same thing when Brand said that...like Maggette was the only one not playing that night and he said the team was back...interesting indeed. I hope we get someone decent if we trade Maggette. I just hope we dont put another player in the deal just to get a better player than Corey's worth.

Clipper 6th Man
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Well I trust Elton do know what's best. What jlemmen said about the Clippers being a hardworking, blue-collar team is the primary reason that draws me so close to them. I just hope what Elton says is true and the Clippers will play hard forgetting about this low season thus far.

The Clippers are going to have to deal Maggette quick if they want any worth out of him. Looking at the situation right now, it's easy to see the scouts on any other NBA team taking advantage of the situation. Suddenly, the Maggette for Artest trade doesn't look so bad after all.

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When he says the team is back I think that he's only talking about Sam...Nice to see that EB thinks the same about Singleton.Dunleavy must open his eyes.He need more regularity in his minutes and he will be an important piece in our structure

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Yup- I agree- Singleton is very important. If you look at good teams of the past and present- not everyone on the court at the same are scoring options. It's usually not a good combination when everyone on the floor wants to score. Those successful teams have important role-player guys who do their thing and do it well- whether it be defense, rebounding, providing energy, etc. James Singleton is one of those guys for the Clippers, along w/ Q Ross and Aaron Williams.

As for Maggette- I'm also perplexed at why we haven't seen him around the bench or even on TV. Maybe he has a good excuse but it doesn't look good for his image. The current injury report on Clippers.com shows:

"Maggette is listed as questionable. No time table has been set for his return."

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