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People need to stop viewing this as an "asterisk" season to make it seem less impressive/meaningful. Instead, it was one of the most physically grueling seasons in NBA history, and all the teams battled hard to earn their rightful spots in the playoffs. Additionally, most critics predicted the MIA v. OKC in the finals this season and that's what they got. Both teams were healthy during this series and Lebron and the Heat just outplayed their competition. Good for them and good for Lebron for showing that he's currently the best all-around player in the NBA.

Now we can all get back to focusing on offseason Clippers talk!

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wooo heat won!!! lebron deserved that and more

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I wish Lebron had come to the Clippers. Congrats to Lebron James the best player on the Planet.

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^ i think he would have 2 titles instead of one. imagine lebron with bg,at that time eric gordon, dj, kaman, aminu, bledsoe, baron davis. that would have been a scary team for anyone to face. im certain we wouldnt have lost to the mavs like the heat did last year.

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