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Hi guys- in an effort to give more props to those who create threads that CTB'ers enjoy reading, I have added a feature where a member who posts a highly rated and recommended thread will be rewarded automatically with a +1 vote. Basically if you post a new thread that gets a +7 thumbs up rating, and gets a COMBINED number of 5 Facebook Likes or Google +1 or Twitter Tweets, you will get a positive vote from the system.

For instance- you write a nice, analytical post, or share a Clippers news article that everyone really likes. It gets a net +7 thumbs up. 3 people also LIKE the thread with their Facebook account, 1 person tweets it, and another person does a Google +1 on the thread (3 + 1 + 1 = 5), you will get an automatic +1 positive vote for your CTB account.

How this works is that every night at a predetermined time, the CTB system will scan the last 100 threads in the forum and look for the qualifying threads and rep the authors. Note that if you were already auto-repped by the system for the thread, you won't be given another one on a different night.

I hope this helps gives some additional recognition for members who post insightful threads/news! And please everyone feel free to participate by rating the threads and liking/+1/tweeting w/ your social media accounts!

[update] I have lowered the combined Facebook Likes or Google +1 or Twitter Tweets to 3 (instead of 5). The thread must have at least 1 Facebook like or one Google +1 (e.g. 3 tweets won't do it). But 2 tweets & 1 like, or 1 tweet & 1 like & 1 google +1 will.

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