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pageC4 wrote:
gemfow wrote:
PageC4: The Clippers share the same big market as the Lakers, being LA. The "hate" like everyone likes to overuse (I mean in the general sense) really didn't come from just us going after small market team's players. LA traded for Gasol because they had a very attractive expiring contract. LA hasn't had a lot of players just leave their small market teams to come to the Lakers, that's not correct.
Ron Artest, Karl Malone, Gary Peyton, Shaquille o neal, Wilt Chamberlain...quite a few actually. In fact, you would be more hard pressed to find real home grown talent like MAgic Johnson come out of the Lakers, so I hate to disagree with you but yes that seems to be the case.

gemflow wrote:
A lot of the Lakers "hate" is due to Kobe and the allegations from Colorado and his personality, not to mention that LA is a team that wins. Wins bring love and hate which I'm sure you guys are starting to experience now.

No, again you didnt even see the other guys I mentioned. Their roster is filled with alot of character issue guys that constantly say stupid things like "closing out games is easy." Sure they win, but people dont hate the Celtics with that same passion and the Celtics have a richer championship history. So its not simply about winning, otherwise everyone would hatre the Celtics, Spurs, and the Bulls with the same intensity

The Lakers have done a lot of things to make themselves Villains and you could even see their disdain at being challanged for the hearts of L.A. fans. Like an entitled feeling they had for the city. Rather than say something classy like "we welcome the challange for the rights to L.A. now that the CLipper have Chris Paul." Fisher and Barnes came out and said things like the "Clippers flop" and "it isnt a rivalry until they beat us." Even after the final game against the Clippers, Kobe came out and said how he hated how every one was "kissing their (the Clippers)ass."

Excellent response. Particularly about the Celtics not being NEARLY as hated as the lakers, even with more banners. Repped.

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